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Honey Paprika Crispy Wings

$10.00 · 70 Reviews

Must try this honey paprika crispy wings when you eat at Lola. Is so good!

These wings are hot, crispy, sweet and spicy. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. What a great combination. ->$10

📍Lola’s Cafe, Kovan📍
💸Ultimate Croissant: $15
💸 Crab Cake Benedict: $18
💸 Honey Paprika Crispy Wings: $10
What’s weekends without some brunch time!!💆‍♀️Back at lola’s for their crowd favourite- scrambled eggs with croissant and honey paprika wing. I’m all set with the buttery croissant with fluffy scrambled eggs🤤Happy weekends everyone!!✨

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Paprika Crispy Wings is one of my favourite dishes here. Tatse is consistent and it’s a dish that not many eating places offer and has a good balance to its sweetness and spiciness.

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Probably my favourite dish at Lola’s. There’s really something about these wings. Sometimes I get this as my main even tho it’s a starter 🤤

I ordered the pulled pork and avocado eggs benedict ($16) as pictured here. The portion looks small here from the picture but trust me it is very very filling and you would definitely feel satisfied at the end 👍🏻 I loved the hollandaise sauce that they used and everything blended well together!! We also got the nacho cheese fries ($9) and honey paprika crispy wings ($10) which were delicious as well. Highly recommend this place for a nice brunch to chill and catch up with friends ☺️

The chicken wings were well-marinated and served hot with a level of crispiness that produced a "crunch" with every bite. The inside texture retained its juiciness with a tasty finishing touch of the sweet honey taste. Much loves!

Honey Paprika Crispy Wings - $ 10

Mid-joint chicken wings, honey & spices.

I love this crispy wings. The honey won’t too sweet so still able to taste the spices.

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Do not underestimate how filling this dish is because they are so generous with their ingredients!! Heaped with juicy pulled pork atop a layer of avocado and crispy rye toast and 2 poached eggs, it is a feast and so delicious ahhhh. Their Honey Paprika Crispy Wings ($10) never goes wrong too!!!!! The glaze is SO good

Crispy Wings ($10)
Crab Cake Benedict ($18)
Pork & Avocado Eggs Benedict ($15)
Basil Pesto Mushroom Toast + Pork Sausage ($17)

Baileys Affogato ($6)
Iced Latte ($5.2)

We came here on Saturday afternoon and this place is packed with people. We reached around 12:30pm and queued about 30 mins before we could get in. So, make sure to come early if you decide to go to this cafe.

Generally, all their food is good but our favourites are their crispy wings, pork avocado & eggs ben and baileys affogato (coffee with bits of chocolate topped with ice cream, yumz).

After lunch, we also ordered some tarts (not shown on the photo): Lemon Meringue ($5.6) and Chocolate Seasalt Tart ($5.6). Their lemon tart is just what I like, not the sweet kind and more towards the sour type and the crust has just the right amount of thickness. Chocolate tart has the perfect balance of sweet, bitter and a hint of saltiness. Recommended to try 👍🏼

Food: 8/10
Ambience: 7/10
Total damage: $25/pax