Honey Paprika Crispy Wings

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Had a 45 minute wait but it was so worth it!!! We got the lola's breakfast and beef burger with fries with a side of crispy wings. Everything was made fresh and hot!!!! Chicken wings were coated with honey and paprika - not too dry as well. Drop by if you're near.

Looking at the reviews, this seems like the must order dish from Lola. It is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside - well fried wings indeed. I wish they would have put more paprika on the wings though.

But it is just fried wings sprinkled with paprika powder and honey poured over it. Good wings but certainly not a must order and didn’t wow me.

I am honestly mystified - what am I missing?

Superb recommendation to have this mini dinner bundle from @lolascafesg delivered for getting my cafe food cravings fixed. For $90 that easily feeds 3-5 pax, it includes 8 pieces of their widely popular honey paprika chicken wings, 1 set of grilled avocado chicken salad and 4 choices of main course from a selected list.

The honey paprika wings had my brain tricked into a confusion between sweet and spicy, especially when the sweetness comes only towards the end. I wouldn’t fault them for the soggy wings since it was a long delivery journey, but I really look forward to the day to dine in at the cafe for some freshly fried crispy wings.

Recommending the Duck Leg Confit with Truffle Mash for the tender house-cured duck leg, and its meat easily torn off. We certainly enjoyed the creamy truffle mash; that dash of truffle flavour prevented a monotony. Beef lovers could opt for the beef cheeks version. If you are eating clean, go for the Miso Salmon Grain Bowl that has a miso salmon chunk served with half avocado, charred baby corn, 63 degree egg, furikake, roasted sesame dressing on a bed of quinoa. Seafood pasta lovers, check out their Prawn Aglio Olio (there’s at least 5 plump fresh prawns in there!) and the Tomato Swimmer Crab Linguine (not stingy with the Blue Swimmer Crab too!).

Islandwide delivery available. Complimentary delivery with any bundle order for specific zones. Check out https://lolascafe.oddle.me/en_SG for full menu and more information.

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It’s been a while since I came back... and I no longer find the wings their “highlight”. They still tasted as before but I feel that this can be easily made at home 🌚

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Must try this honey paprika crispy wings when you eat at Lola. Is so good!

These wings are hot, crispy, sweet and spicy. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. What a great combination. ->$10

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📍Lola’s Cafe, Kovan📍
💸Ultimate Croissant: $15
💸 Crab Cake Benedict: $18
💸 Honey Paprika Crispy Wings: $10
What’s weekends without some brunch time!!💆‍♀️Back at lola’s for their crowd favourite- scrambled eggs with croissant and honey paprika wing. I’m all set with the buttery croissant with fluffy scrambled eggs🤤Happy weekends everyone!!✨

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Paprika Crispy Wings is one of my favourite dishes here. Tatse is consistent and it’s a dish that not many eating places offer and has a good balance to its sweetness and spiciness.

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Probably my favourite dish at Lola’s. There’s really something about these wings. Sometimes I get this as my main even tho it’s a starter 🤤

I ordered the pulled pork and avocado eggs benedict ($16) as pictured here. The portion looks small here from the picture but trust me it is very very filling and you would definitely feel satisfied at the end 👍🏻 I loved the hollandaise sauce that they used and everything blended well together!! We also got the nacho cheese fries ($9) and honey paprika crispy wings ($10) which were delicious as well. Highly recommend this place for a nice brunch to chill and catch up with friends ☺️