Nest Snow

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we ordered the nest snow and i can’t remember what the other was called, i think it was some soya sauce chicken w rice? i honestly wouldn’t order this again, i only tried it because i had the burpple 1-for-1.

Tried their nest snow previously and wasn’t impressed so this definitely exceeded my expectations!!! All my friends loved it too bc the chicken was so well marinated and substantial! Wasn’t too spicy 👌🏼

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Fried chicken, potato wedges, broccoli, cherry tomato, topped with cheesy slightly spicy sauce, all my favorites on a hot plate!!! It’s so good I almost forgot to stop for a photo 😂

Chir chir never fails on their chicken!

And it’s on Burpple Beyond! Go get your 1 for 1!


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At $32.90, this dish isn’t entirely easy on the pocket. But definitely easy on the palate. You’ll definitely fall in love with this if you’re a cheesy lover.

My mom loves Nest Snow ($32.90) but I ordered this instead. Something different for a change. Glad she likes this too! Crispy fried chicken tenders on a bed of creamy rosé sauce. Served with gooey, melted mozzarella, chunky potato wedges, broccoli and cherry tomatoes. The sauce is made extra creamy with the addition of the cheese fondue! Creamy, cheesy, tangy goodness! -
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Nest Snow
2. Spicy Chicken
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cajun fried chicken with cream sauce, cheese & whipped cream! juicy, tender & crispy 😋

fret not, there's @chirchirsg in Chinatown point that opens till 3am daily. Perfect if you're out and about Chinatown doing last minute CNY shopping

Don't mind me as I put a wet blanket over their famous Nest Snow ($32.90) which had infested my instagram feed for months with images of golden brown chicken tenders sitting over a bed of cream sauce. Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn to the arresting visuals of golden brown topped with fresh whipped cream and shavings of Parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar; however, it all fell to pot when I realise that these spicy Cajun chicken tenders were incredibly unpalatable. It's mucked up dry innards, insubordinate with the hot plate of cheesy cream sauce below. A pool that resembled something similar to canned cream of chicken soup, unstirred. Yikes

More after the jump; to my blog of course. Fry-day just got real

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Gotta say, after eating some of the best Korean fried chicken in Korea itself, Chir Chir wasn't too bad. The Nest Snow was definitely something different from the regular 양념 (spicy) chicken I'm used to having; fried chicken bathed in a cheesy cream sauce and topped with whipped cream. Unique and tasty!