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Used Entertainer’s for 1-for-1. Pretty crap burger. Patty had almost no seasoning, can barely taste the cheese or bacon. My companions had to put ketchup for every other bite. Don’t remember them to be this bad. Had the bacon cheese fries to share. It was great but condiments was meh. Probably won’t return again. I think I enjoy McDonald’s more.

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Ordered the Cheeseburger ($17.80) which really looked like those Cheeseburger you will get in a good truck of America. It is true blue American style burger.

However the Cheeseburger is ala carte and having additional side dish of fries cost ($5.50). If the fries is part of the side dish as a meal, it would be at least more affordable.

I'm additional, they served it in a doggy bag which is kind of weird for a restaurant to do so. I know they trying to make it like how it is served in America but we are dinning it at a restaurant. I would suggest to provide proper utensils & cutleries or maybe revamped the restaurant to be like a food stall.

You could probably relate the US vibes of Burger Joint if you ever you been to the states. Every bite of my jalapeño, bacon and cheese burger reminds me of US so much. If you love American burgers, you wouldn't be disappoint. Opt for medium rare! Cuz it will be medium done by the time the burger reached you. Price is on the high side as compared to fast food style dining.


31 sgd after gst+sc. Burger is ok, patty is quality patty, not so juicy but not dry after finishing whole burger . But for its price, I think it is just meh. Only burger without fries or other things. And wrap in paper when serving, which results all the juice on hands and table because of the thin paper.

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The beef patty is cooked nicely, though it could do with more seasoning—I shouldn’t need to add mustard for flavour. It’s also quite pricey, unless you consider $19.80 for a bacon cheeseburger cheap. Their fries here ($5.50) are an enhanced version of McDonald’s, having a crispier exterior and fluffier interior. If you’re thirsty, quench your thirst with a $4 soda to complete your $30 gourmet fast food experience. But there’s no 2 hour queue here, and justifiably so. @burgerjointsg
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Visited burger joint as it was one of the restaurants on the entertainer app. To my horror, each burger was at least $17, without any side dishes like fries included. We had to buy the fries separately. Overpricing aside, the burger was relatively ok but it definitely does not warrant the $17 price tag.

This has a total belly score of 2.5/5 🐷

It took me so long and finally here the chance to try on their signature burger. The best part of it probably would be the cheese and the beef patty was juicy. But with this price tag, I just felt the presentation could be better than this, well maybe this is the style. $19.80++

Largely the same comments for the patty as my bacon cheese burger post. 😋

The beef patty was cooked to medium-rare as instructed, and was really juicy! The place claimed that no seasoning was used for the patty, which I'm pretty sure is true, but personally, I think the patties should still be lightly seasoned to elevate the taste? Anyway, they were relatively generous with the veggies and cheese. Bacon was a tad dry, but brought a nice savoury-ness to the entire burger (which was kinda missing from the un-seasoned patty).

Would definitely go back again, but only with 1-for-1 deals. The burgers are on the pricey side albeit the quality choice of angus beef used.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

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First meal where the both of us have had such divergent views on the food. He thought it was a massive disaster while she was thinking of the next time they were gonna come back for it. He though that there was too much going on and that this was a confused burger: too many sauces, too many toppings. The worst part was that there was no distinct flavour nor any char in the beef , although this should have been the star of the dish. She, on the other hand, loved the jalapeños in the dish because she likes things spicy^^. She also liked what seemed like a potato roll (note: carbs are her weakness), which wrapped what was a juicy burger to her. She also liked that there was still texture to her patty, rather than those processed ones.

Note: He got a medium burger while she got a medium-rare so we could try out the different textures.

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