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Singapore Style Ramen

$9.00 · 53 Reviews

This bowl of noodles has dumplings, a ramen egg, pork slices and potato fritters. The noodles were tasty and I especially enjoyed the potato fritters which were still crispy after the journey back home.

Ordered the small portion of ramen. It is good. The price is $8. Usually there is a long queue in front of this stall. To avoid the queue, it is recommended to be there before the stall is opened.

Wanton mee 2.0 is this fish of lovely firm thin egg noodles topped with generous and tender pork belly, big shrimp dumplings, a perfectly cooked egg and fixins. $9 but worth every cent

$9. Worth the try (& the queue).

Well-packed with ingredients - char siew, onsen egg, potato wrapped prawn, hongkong style wonton. All delicately prepared, which explains the queue.

CBD lunch below $10.

Singapore style ramen noodles? To me, it’s upscaled HK wanton noodles which taste out of the ordinary!

I saw that the queue was shorter than usual so I took the chance to finally try this Michelin Bib Gourmand awarded establishment. Firstly, one can’t ignore the aesthetics of the dish which is what draws the crowd. More importantly, the taste is great too due to the homemade sambal and dried shrimp sauce. The dish also comes with extremely tender braised char siew, the usual wantons, the hot spring egg and the crispy potato wrapped prawn (which I’m not really a fan of, would rather more char siew).

It might seem a lil pricy coming in at $8/11/15 a pop but I think you’re paying for premium ingredients and TLC. I mean look how the bowl is painstakingly plated!


I've heard so much about A Noodle Story's Singapore Style Ramen which made it to Michelin Bid Gourmand list, finally got a chance to try it yesterday. 😉 Luckily the queue wasn't too long when I got there around 1245 on Friday, and ordered the medium option of $11. It came with 3 prawn wanton, 3 pieces of cha siew, egg, and 1 potato prawn which is a prawn wrapped in thin potato strips and fried. And the serving of noodle is quite generous. 🍜

I had the potato prawn first before moving onto the rest. Freshly fried, it's my favourite item of the entire bowl, crispy crunchy potato with sweet prawn 😋 the noodle is quite thin compared to Japanese ramen, and when mixed well with chili paste it tasted like good old minced meat noodle. For the meat, I was hoping it can have a big more charred flavour but it tasted more of a steamed or boiled meat feel, and since I don't like fatty part it took a while to separate out the lean meat. Prawn wantons are quite good and you can see generous portion of prawn and minced meat inside. Though I was already full half way, I finished whole bowl, including mixing slightly runny egg yolk with noodle to have another layer of taste.

Their this year's price 💸 are $8, 11, and 15 for premium, $11 is quite filling (and I even skipped breakfast). It's quite a good try if you haven't tried it yet.

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Had singapore style ramen (small) for brunch. The ramen goes well with the spicy sauce provided, and the char siew is very tender! Though a bit pricey and long queue in the hawker center but definitely worth the wait.


$8 each for small size

After queuing for 25-30min, finally bought it! Love the potato fried shrimp 🍤 so fragrant and crunchy. Onsen egg is cooked to perfection. Ramen is like mee kia. Sauce is a bit too salty. Wanton is normal. Char siew really melts in your mouth.

Not as nice as expected however it is quite presentable