Sashimi Rice Bowl

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Generous chunks of salmon, swordfish, tuna, yellowtail and jellyfish on a bed of rice, topped with tempura bits. All donburi also comes with complimentary miso soup and wafu salad. Top up $1 for their multi-grain rice for some chewy and nutty texture.

Not the best and although the sashimi was average, this is a really affordable and value for money chirashi for its generous servings of sashimi and quick chirashi fix 》$18 + $1 Multi-Grain Rice

Koji Sushi Bar is an extremely small hole-in-the-wall eatery located within the busy China Square Central area. This place serves to please hungry office workers looking for a great chirashi fix. At just $18, the Sashimi Rice bowl is a steal, with a generous portion of lightly marinated chunks of salmon, tuna, swordfish, yellowtail and jellyfish, topped with tempura bits to add a slight crunch. If you love uni, a top up of just $12 will get you fresh, creamy uni from Hokkaido. Opt for mixed grain rice (additional $1) if you want something healthier, but the vinegared sushi rice does tie the entire dish together for a more satisfying bowl.
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One of my favorite place to get chirashi near office! Koji sushi bar has an outlet conveniently located near Telok Ayer MRT Station. As its indoor dining only has counter seats, I prefer to visit this restaurant in a small group / with one other friend for a cozy meal.

Sashimi Rice Bowl ($18)

Would recommend anyone trying their bara chirashi for the first time to switch up the white pearl rice to mixed grain rice (+ $1) as it somehow taste better! The portion of salmon cubes served was rather generous, with the variety of fish similar to what you'll see in typical bara chirashi (salmon, tuna etc). I very much enjoy the freshness of the fish and the soyu sauce that complimented well with the sweetness from the fish. To top it off, the sashimi bowl was served with a generous portion of tobiko and fried rice puffs, providing an extra crunch to the dish yum.

Rating: 8 / 10

Honestly, I was a little disappointed with the taste. It might have been the rice that wasn’t seasoned with vinegar. The fish was fresh enough. But I could barely finish the rice with the fish because it was so bland. I think I’ve had better chirashi don elsewhere.

Would be perfect if fish were colder as they were served at room temperature. Fish were still very fresh nevertheless!

(Price $18) I can say this is one of the best Chirashi Don I’ve tasted. It’s so flavourful and the sashimi are so fresh,tender and sweet. The portion of the food is just nice for the tummy. It’s a very cozy place to chill in.One thing I love about the place is their service, very welcoming and accommodating.

Had a fancy meal for lunch after many weeks of hawker food. I added $1 for mixed grain rice instead of white rice. I thoroughly enjoyed the mixed grain rice and the fresh fish. A little expensive for the small serving size, but overall a delicious meal.

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Best Chirashi don, very satisfying meal! Do go for the multigrain bowl too!

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And there's even japanese mountain yam hidden beneath the yolk. The sashimi may not have an icy feeling like some others out there but it was really fresh. Be warned though, they only serve 20 bowls of this a day
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Favourite chirashi bowl with the freshest sashimi 😍