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Sashimi Rice Bowl

$17.00 Β· 50 Reviews

Best Chirashi don, very satisfying meal! Do go for the multigrain bowl too!

And there's even japanese mountain yam hidden beneath the yolk. The sashimi may not have an icy feeling like some others out there but it was really fresh. Be warned though, they only serve 20 bowls of this a day
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Favourite chirashi bowl with the freshest sashimi 😍

For me, the brown rice is always the star - it’s crunchy with various texture of grains, and of course going perfectly with the marinated sashimi

Sashimi more than the rice, I’m sold. A bit pricey, but super worth it 🀀

Chirashi don from Koji always hits the spot when it's time for a little celebratory treat 😊

Very impressed with the quality of ingredients used in this platter - that otoro had a sweet buttery taste to it, so although it was fat, it didn't feel gelat. Botan ebi was also firm and fresh.
Our omakase that evening was prepared personally by owner chef Benny, and it was very affordably priced. It may not look posh, but it's a cosy for a no frills quick Japanese fix.
If omakase isn't your kind of thing, you can opt for a quick meal here with their chirashi don ($19), which I've came for during my office hour lunches.
Took this photo during an invited tasting.


Trying out Koji for the first time and ordered Salmon Avocado with brown rice. Brown rice is tad dry but the salmon filling is pretty filling! It’s about $18++ per bowl.

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$28++ for this palm-sized (I have a small palm!) fish collar. Baulked a little at the price initially, but I can emphatically say that I have no regrets ordering this. It came perfectly grilled - crisp skin glistening with fish oil, and the flesh hidden beneath was tender and juicy. No complaints, really. But would I pay for $28 for it again, when $18 buys me a full chirashi don? Hmmm... that's the question