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Muddy Espresso

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Eggs Benedict (~$15) was honestly very average and nothing to shout about. Didn’t like how they fried/grilled(??) their ham bc it made it so much more oily :-( Eggs were flowy and nice but also were a little dry??? 🥪🍳
Muddy espresso with cold milk (~$5.50) leaned more on the bitter side, but it wasn’t overly bitter! It was quite smooth but nothing to shout about 😐

Ig @goodfomood

Sunny side up, baked beans, rosemary chicken sausage, turkey bacon, salad. It’s a decent meal, although I would have loved it if there were more mushrooms and salad. The fried egg was slightly overcooked as I could taste some burnt bits. Do check out their Muddy Espresso ($5.50) as it’s pretty good.

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Milk based coffee from penny university, would recommend the muddy espresso on a hot day. I love that it’s a cosy cafe with great coffee, food and wifi.


The smoothie bowl ($9.8)is a good choice if you want something light. Lots of ingredients added to the bowl including sunflower seed, coconut flakes, chia seed, strawberry, blueberry etc which is a good combination in the smoothie bowl (and it is lactose free!). The muddy espresso ($5.5) is a must try here and glad that I can change it to soy milk (+$1)! The muddy espresso is nice - the coffee combines with the cold milk really well, the coffee is smooth and nice. No regrets for trying these two for a light brunch.

Got my caffeine fix with their Muddy Espresso ~!!

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Note the level in their drink - this was before I even drank this. I would have liked if they used a cup befitting of its drink level lah. But anyway? Their muddy espresso was not bad and worth a try.
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yesterday's business with pleasure. heart their muddy espresso here. da best to kick start the day


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