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A hidden gem that sells a variety of Tiramisu, great place to chill out over Tiramisu(s) and coffee. This lychee Tiramisu is so moist, soft and includes rum in them 》$7.50

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This almost felt like a lychee martini packed in a cake. Tucked away in a corner at the basement of The central, this is literally a hidden find. This flavour is refreshing in a zesty way with bits of lychee can be found embedded in it.

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The original and lychee tiramisu are simply to die for. This place has achieved the perfect balance of coffee, liquor and cream.

The search for the perfect tiramisu has officially ceased. I've found my favourite; not in a Italian trattoria or ristorante, but a tiny hole-in-wall shop located basement of The Central.

Soft & moist yet not at all mushy, these pick-me-ups manage a good balance of mascarpone and lady fingers; not one overwhelming the other. While the classic flavour (bottom left) is a show-stealer with its bold espresso punch and boozy Marsala wine kick; the Matcha-flavoured one (top) is no wallflower either, with delicate, earthy tea notes coming through in every bite. The Lychee (bottom right) was light & fruity, but paled in comparison to its outstanding counterparts.

Now, all you have to do is to pick your camp.

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Still prefer the usuals matcha & lychee.

This was really good! Even better than my fav pine garden's lychee martini cake(that doesn't have much martini taste now). Although the cinnamon sprinkled on top would take you by surprise initially. I must say the taste of lychee liqueur and cinnamon eventually blended well together!

The lychee-alcohol combo never fails! There are real bits of lychee in the tiramisu and they go really well with the cinnamon powder.


Is this the best combi ever? Lychee Tiramisu! Fallin' in love with it #instavideo

Tried all the 4 flavours and Lychee Tiramisu tops my list, followed by Matcha, Dark Cherry and lastly Classico.


Back for the awesome tiramisu! Dark cherry and Lychee tiramisu. ❤️