NZ Ribeye Steak

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Tried the NZ ribeye (200g) with mac and cheese & onion ring sides

Tbh, the ribeye was alot fattier than I expected and preferred but I guess the fats gave it flavour. Mac and cheese was nice!!!! And generous serving while onion rings are just onion rings

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: for affordable steak this place does its job!

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NZ RIBEYE STEAK (200G) - $20++
Steak was pretty good and worth for the price! Ordered in medium well, felt like it was still a bit tough. could opt for medium if you prefer your steak not as tough!

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My first time dining at iSteaks Diner & I really wonder why I hadn't been here sooner! They have a variety of options on the Grill Specialties menu: Chicken, pork, lamb, fish, & of course, steak. I opted for the 350g Steak House Cut, which is also available in a 450g portion.

I chose the NZ Ribeye cut ($30 nett), done medium rare. Man, this was juicy & good! I could cut away the fats easily (didn't have too much yay), & the doneness was perfect. It also wasn't overseasoned, & I cheerfully alternated my bites between the steak on its own, & dipped into the mushroom sauce served on the side.

All Grill Specialties come with complementary 2 sides of your choice (which would otherwise cost $2.50 each on their own). There are over 15 sides to choose from; I dare say say there's something for everyone here. I chose the Sautéed Brussel (i.e. Brussel Sprouts) & Parmesan Asparagus - the latter was served later, for some reason, so it isn't pictured here.

Both are good veggie options that complement the steak well. You have more sinful options like creamed spinach, onion rings, french fries, mac & cheese (is disappointing - the nacho cheese used doesn't even taste nice)... But having just completed an intense workout, I wanted to be healthy-ish.

Would definitely return here for sure. I finally understand why this place is so popular 😁

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats only
📱 Accepts GrabPay
💦 Water is chargeable - 50¢

It’s my first visit to iSTEAKS Diner and I got myself a NZ Ribeye steak ($20 for 200g) along with 2 sides of my choice - cinnamon pumpkin and garlic butter eggplant. The medium steak is tender, juicy and nicely charred. The black pepper sauce (mushroom sauce available too) is savoury and does not overpower the flavours of the meat👍🏻 The eggplant is very soft and delicious as well! For a wallet-friendly chain, the quality of the steak has exceeded my expectations and I must say that I’m pretty impressed:)

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Rare done-ness for beef served with baked potato and macaroni and cheese.

iSTEAKS is my place to go for steak that is at affordable price. They’ve added some new items to their sides.
Rare done-ness for beef served with baked potato and parmesan asparagus.

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If only our steak’s weight didn’t include the bone. This would have been perfect 🥩
We recommend getting 4 sets of NZ Ribeye 200g cut with two sides instead

NZ OP Rib Steak (1kg) with three sides SGD75.00
Onion rings
French fries
Mac and cheese


NZ Ribeye 250g with Mash Potatoes and Spinach & Sesame Salad ($23.50).
Well charred, juicy and almost melt in your mouth. It was cooked a bit pass medium rare, but it was still delicious.
I like the spinach salad, as the sweet sesame sauce covered the bitterness in the spinach.
The meal here definitely value for money.
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200gm NZ Ribeye Steak ($19.50) with Mushroom Sauce will never go wrong to taste since it's my first time here, turns out the food was served fast, medium well ribeye was perfecto for a small diner like this imo, regreted not ordering another Mac and Cheese lol.
Shall save more money next time and head for WaCow and Fat Cow next time hehe.
Have a wonderful first weekend of 2018 hollas. 😊

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😍 Those pinkish parts as you cut into small pieces, ready to be swallowed while the juice bursts, as it slowly melt into your mouth, savouring the flavour of this greatly discovered happiness, we usually call -- beef. 😁
Comes with 2 sides with the variety of choices to choose from.
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