Grilled Whole Fish in Unique Sauce

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Not being a fan of mala, we opted for less spicy to try their Unique sauce grilled fish. As anticipated, the fish came covered with heaps of chilli and a mala-oil looking sauce.
Frankly, the sea bass we picked was tasty, flavoured with the sauce that had a mix of spicy, sweet, sour and fragrance from some of the little spices in it. Particularly, the fresh, big cut onions were delicious with the sauce. So just a little touch from that was good, while we couldn’t take in too much of it thinking of the mala and the oil.
There was option to add ingredients and we were happy with the fried luncheon meat we added that went well with the dish. We also had their 拉麵 in 酸辣湯that tasted so mild compared to the grilled fish sauce.
This was a good adventure, though their food obviously would appeal much more to those who enjoy mala kinda spicy food.

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Unique Sauce Sea Bass ($35)

This rather new establishment serves the usual Szechuan fare including this grilled fish drowning in dried chilli gravy. There are about 5 types of fish and various gravy options to choose from. I opted for the sea bass paired with less common Unique Sauce to determine what was so unique about the gravy. Basically, this was the usual spicy gravy which veered on the edge of being too sweet. By the end of my meal, the gravy had thicken into a semi caramel-like "jus", not exactly the kind of taste I was hoping to uncover. I also ordered shredded potato for my fish but instead found my fish resting on crinkled cut french fries 😱.

Ultimately, it was all about the Bass 🐟 but alas, the bass was seriously lacking and rather tiny. It looked like a whole fish was served but felt very much like we only got half the bargain😥.


And I love this type of sweet + sour + spicy taste!! 😋😋

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Thumbs up to the freshness of the fish which is really chewy and chunky and is worth the waiting time.
If you have a low tolerance for spiciness, do go for the black bean sauce instead. Otherwise I will suggest to bring your tastebuds to the test and challenge its limits.

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Packing a wallop of heat, expect to be sweating and chugging down tea but still finding yourself digging back in for more punishment! 🔥😵🔥

Offering a wide range sauces to choose from, our favorite was the 怪味 (Unique Sauce). Don't get put off by the weird name, it combines spicy, sour, the numbness and sweet together in a beautiful combination that was spot on with the fish and add-ons grilling underneath the sea bass. 🔥🐟🔥


Riverside Grilled Fish's "Unique Sauce" truly lived up to its name as I could taste distinct facets of sweet and sour through the haze of "mala" spiciness. Not surprisingly, it was the crowd favourite at tonight's media tasting.
Executive Chef William (who'd spent two months tirelessly training in Beijing prior to the Singapore restaurant's opening) had selected the garoupa to be prepared in this sauce for us to try. If you however, prefer something else, there's red tilapia, seabass and pomfret to choose from. Furthermore, extra goodies (luncheon meat - yay!) were discovered hiding under the fish, and these tasted just as yummy cooked in that "Unique Sauce".
I reckon a whole fish can satisfy either two diners intent on stuffing themselves silly, or four diners who want to order other dishes to share. Whatever the case, if you are drawn to spicy food, the classic Chong Qing cuisine of Riverside Grilled Fish is definitely worth exploring.