S'Mores Pie

RM10.50 · 12 Reviews

A Pie Thing offers a range of freshly baked sweet and savoury pies. With a huge eye catching signage facing the LDP, you won’t miss it.
In frame: Smores with dark Belgian chocolate and roasted marshmallow. Not too sweet, crispy marshmallow and buttery crumb. There’s an option for milk chocolate as well.


The S'mores Pie (RM10.50) is probably one of the most memorable dessert pies I've had at A Pie Thing. The dainty marshmallows was lightly toasted to a gooey perfection, plopped in a pool of warm and melted chocolate - best eaten on a rainy day of course.

A really sticking and very marshmallow dessert.. Really a great cure for a Monday blue with it's smooth and dark chocolate that is enjoyable to eat with the marshmallow


S'mores pie and apple crumble pie. Definitely something you wouldn't want to miss. The marshmallows on the S'mores pie was a little bit burnt though it was still good.

A Pie Thing feels like the BurgerLab for pies. You will see people waiting for the shop to open before 4pm, and a long train of people starts to form once it opens. Thank god for the efficient service though.
For savoury, I had the chicken and mushroom pie, topped with mashed potato, mashed peas, and brown sauce, which they call the "Mashacre". It was a massacre because it was so much and messy. It definitely stuffed me up. Luckily I shared the pie. I love the pie crust. It wasn't very thick, nice crispness, fluffy and enough to hold the generous amount of stuffing. I love all of the "mashed' toppings too. One way to make me eat my green peas. Brown sauce was a little too salty, it works well with the whole Mashacre though because they tame the saltiness of the sauce.
For sweet, I had the dark chocolate smores pie. I wanted the sweet pie with an ice cream on top. But I mistaken the Nutella pie for smores pie. Nevertheless, it wasn't bad! A simple crumbly and crusty pie tart with dark chocolate syrup/sauce, topped with melted marshmallows. Sounds like some foodgasm doesn't it! Love it! It can get quite chocolatey after a while because the chocolate sauce is very thick. And the pie is hot! Be careful, you might get sore throat if you dive in right away. I do think the smores pie is a tad bit overrated because it's just an empty pie crust with chocolate sauce and melted marshmallow. But of course, making a great pie crust (not breaking it) is the main factor here.
Food: 8/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 17.90 for the Mashacre - it's quite expensive if you have a set. But you get a drink with this set too. Otherwise you can just get the savoury pie without any topping. I forgot how much was one w/o anything; RM 9.90 for the s'mores pie - very expensive for such a low cost one. I suggest going for others like the Nutella pie or those that are more gourmet to get more value for money. But if you love smores, go ahead! It's quite small though. About 4 inches diameter.)


Love the idea of milk choc plus mini marshmallows! The place is usually crowded on weekends. Open from 4pm till their pie sold out or ard 11pm.


The only person who understands me and sense it when I'm not being myself or having a bad day. Apple Crumble, Dark Choco Marshmallows Pie and an Iced LongBlack.

i would recommend the pulled lamb mashacre pie! Nutella pie which was topped with ice cream was abit too sweet. didnt manage to try their smores :(

An absolutely tasty bittersweet combination of marshmallows and melted dark chocolate.