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Beef Stroganoff Fettuccine

$17.00 · 19 Reviews

Pretty unique pasta dish, haven't seen another restaurant serve something similar. Or am i just sheltered? Haha. Anyway this was pretty nice. Having a decent serving with my plate of carbs is always appreciated.

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The stroganoff was wonderful – herbaceous, velvety and creamy, but not sickeningly so. We tasted white wine (my favourite sauce base!) and paprika. Pasta was generously coated in sauce, served with a dollop of smetana and bedecked with tender, medium-rare beef strips. It’s perfect for you if you’re into cream-based pastas but hate it when chefs take the richness of the cream too far.

🏅 9/10
💭 Try it a few times!

This plate was loaded with medium rare beef chunks and fresh mushrooms. A dollop of sour cream added on to creaminess of the dish. Pasta was slightly overcooked, but overall a good dish, and I wiped put clean. However, the star of the table was the starters, button mushroom soup (I regret there’s no picture, sorry), it was rich, earthy and comforting. Thumbs up, must try! Will be back again!

PS: It’s on Entertainer!

Standard ambiance and okay service. Quick waiting time for the food.

Beef stroganoff-never actually eat any stroganoff before. Pasta is a bit overcooked, might be problem for those al dente eaters, i dont mind. Sauce was pretty good, beef was tender. ($18.5) 4/5

I'm not usually one to order pasta but this was really good! This pasta dish is loaded with beef and mushrooms, and has a surprising crunch from the cornichon. The sour cream also adds a creaminess to the pasta. So hearty! 🤤

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Beef stroganoff fettuccine ($16), is so intense, earthy that one couldn't stop eating this plate of glory. Topped generous with beef and button mushroom, and a dollop of sour cream to thicken and enhance the flavour of the deep beef sauce. The beef, so tender and blushing pink, and so visually seductive that I feel like I was having an intimate moment with the dish. Some did commented that it's slightly strong on herbs, but I for one love that intensity.

The duck ragu was pulsatingly meaty and while seemingly lacking in meat, each bite was substantial and the pasta was filling. Really good bite too. Actually preferred this over the beef stroganoff


button mushroom, sour cream, cornichon, parsley


I quite enjoyed the pasta. That dollop of sour cream was a major plus point for me. This is a nice cafe for your weekend post-yoga brunch. 🤸🏼‍♂️ #igfood #igeats #foodislove #foodie #hungrygowhere #burpple #burppleSG #sgfood #sgeats #igsgfood #igsgeats #eatoutsg #foodsg #instafood #instafoodsg #instafood_sg #instafoodie #singapore #yummy #exploreflavours #exploresingaporeeats #honestreviews #shotwithaniphone #iphonewarrior #beefstroganoff #pasta

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So I was warned that this might be very strong tasting, but I went ahead anyway because it's one of their specials. And to my surprise, I actually really really liked it! Yes the Italian herbs really came out strong in the sauce, but it was hearty & savoury and it clung onto the thick chewy noodles perfectly. The dish was indeed incredibly flavourful, and I can see how it might turn some people off, but I actually really enjoyed it. The beef slices however, were quite tough. Otherwise, this was really a good pasta dish I will come back for.