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Fat Prince Hummus

$11.00 · 8 Reviews

One of the few places in #Singapore that makes good hummus. Love the taste and texture #sgfoodies #sgfoodie #sgigfoodies #sgigfood #burpple #blurpplesg #FatPrince

The gourmet chickpea fried seabass kebab was full of flavour and texture. We also couldn't get enough of the creamy roasted cashew hummus with fluffy soft pita bread, fried cauliflower, and refreshing avocado & kale tabbouleh. #happybelly #burpple
(S$9++ for kebabs)

Lovely ambience. Hummus hit the right spot with the creamy consistency and chickpea taste.

Did not really like the pairings on the kebabs especially the cheese halloumi one.
- other pairings were saganaki prawn and shish tawook

Would come back for the ambience, for drinks, but not particularly for the food. It’s okay but not fantastic

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Loved this item! The cashew hummus was creamy and flavourful, topped with grilled & crispy shallots, and whole chickpeas. Came with really soft, warm and chewy peta bread which was great to spread the hummus on and eat.


These mezze dishes each come with a little baggy of warm, pillowy pita bread and crisp flatbread.

My fave was the smooth hummus that was blended with duck fat (mmm duck fat), garlic and lemon. Paired with the warm bread, this was so addictive. We were quite sad when the bowl was polished clean.

The baba ghanouj was also very nice. Also very smooth, with the truffle giving it quite a strong smoky aftertaste. If truffle is not your thing, you might not enjoy this.

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Not sure how the duck fat added any value to the dish, pretty decent but quite normal overall


I came here with a friend on a whim, and realised how underdressed I was in my shorts and slippers when I opened the door… It wasn’t like any of the casual Middle Eastern eateries in Arab Street area, but many times more chi-chi and sophisticated. Majority of the patrons were in smart casual attire at the very least, until I showed up oops. Nevertheless, the staff were still welcoming, especially the charming bartender who was very conversational.
It was recommended that we order two mezzes, a salad, and four kebabs to share between the two of us, but we cut back on one mezze as we were afraid of overeating, plus we wanted space for cocktails >D
You can’t go wrong starting a meal with hummus and crispy thin crackers, especially with a hummus so smooth. Don’t be alarmed by the use of duck fat - not only is it tasty, but it’s also a healthy alternative to butter. The quinoa tabbouleh, a seemingly simple salad mix of red quinoa, pomegranate, tomatoes, mint, parsley, was a refreshing palate cleanser. Go back to it every time before you start biting on the next kebab!
The kebabs are not the ones on sticks, but wrapped in pita bread like tacos. I like the Sweet Chili and & Oregano Lamb Kofte and Spicy Adalar Prawn for their aggressively-seasoned meats and fiery spices, while my friend preferred the Halloumi Cheese. These were served with three accompanying condiments, a spicy tangy sauce similar to tabasco, a yogurt that I think is tzatziki, and a small jar of tiny chopped-up jalapeños, which was fantastic to eat with the salad! We emptied that jar =D
Most awesome part about this place? They donate part of their earnings to Action Against Hunger, a global charity that tries to help malnourished children. And they charge only $1 for unlimited still or sparkling water as they use a sustainable water filtration system - I definitely do not mind paying a wee bit more for environmental causes! All hail the jolly Fat Prince!

Duck fat? Hummus think I'm joking!
Although the duck fat only played a minor role in this production, the resulting mixture was extra creamy, unctuous and savoury. 👅💦 Thanks to the zippiness of the lemon juice that cut through all the richness, you can shovel this onto the spice-dusted crackers again and again and again.

While you might prefer to mop up this up with pita, you'll appreciate having the thin crackers instead as portions here are very generous (so try to share mains!).