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Kaya Bun

$1.20 · 53 Reviews

Situated right along Beach Road, @yykafeidian is a nondescript coffeeshop that offers old-school breakfast, which includes their highly-raved kaya buns! Other than their extensive "zichar" menu, you may also go for their Hainanese chicken rice.

👉Kaya Butter Toast - SGD1.30

Slathered with a generous amount of Hainanese kaya and topped with a slab of butter, the soft fluffy buns were freshly grilled till they achieved that light crispy texture on the outside. I can have this for breakfast everyday😂.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Morning vibes at Y Y...

It is weird how people are creatures of habit.
Although I these are the standard items that I would typically order at YY but after their renovation , I find that the food is just simpler not the same - even the staffing has changed slightly - somehow not as friendly or as family - like as before .

The bread was significantly less fluffy and less aromatic than before and not as well toasted and the morning bee Hoon was slightly more oily and portions have reduced .

Hopefully things change soon .

Their buns are soft, light and airy. Spread with generous kaya and pieces of butter. So shiok 😋
Location: YY Kafei Dian, 37 Beach Road, #01-01, Singapore 189678
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My favourite hainanese kopi o kosong and kaya bun

Second failed trip to YY Kafei Dian for their traditional donuts but couldn’t go empty handed so we ended up with Kaya buns and a sponge cake to share.

Originally thought this was a butter cake, but it was more spongey and soft. It had a lovely springiness and moistness that caught us by surprise! Much nicer than we expected. There was also a gula melaka fragrance that wasn’t overpoweringly sweet. Overall a very very yummy cake and I will be sure to get it again (if I can’t get the donuts 😂)

The inside of the toast is very soft and fluffy ,with crisps outside, and spread with generous kaya and finished with butter.
One serving of toast is not enough for each of us, so we decided to queue again.
📍YY Kafei Dian Singapore.
37 Beach Road #01-01.

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Finally got to try YY Kafei Dian and I was shocked by the long queue snaking out of the unit at 8.30am. This was actually the queue for the bee hoon and cooked food. There was also a queue for the Kaya toast and drinks but it moved much quicker.

I can see why the Kaya toast here has a following. The thick fluffy buns are grilled so they achieve charred perfection on the outside while retaining incredible fluffiness. The Kaya also isn’t too sweet. The bun comes with a slab of butter in between, but it was unmelted so I scraped it off. The Kaya toast here is seriously addictive and I can see myself returning here for more of these or the donuts (which apparently only come out in the afternoon).

I was a little disappointed with the yuan yang as was too milky for my liking. This overpowered the taste of tea and coffee, which is a shame because I’ve read other reviews saying the coffee is good.

An egg is cracked into it before serving and this is totally a comfort food that you get instant gratification from the first bite.
YY Kafei Dian
Address: 37, Beach Road, Unit 01-01, Singapore 189678
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Happy Birthday Singapore! 🇸🇬 What’s a better way than to enjoy a good nostalgic tea break with your loved one? After the closing of Chin Mee Chin, I guess this would be my choice to come to for an old school kaya toast treat.

It’s so satisfying just by looking at them toast the buns till fluffy with crispy edges, and the smearing of a thick traditional Hainanese Kaya. The donut was pretty decent too, not as greasy and sweet as the traditional types which I would have preferred, but that’s just the unhealthy me. I loved my yuan yang while the boyf was happy with his Kopi gao. Could almost imagine them filtering with the traditional coffee sock filter in those metal cans!