Ono Hamachi

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Bring a couple of friends for a laidback, healthy lunch at this Hawaiian-inspired cafe set along Keong Saik Road. You're here for The Wikiwiki Salmon (from $14), a poke bowl based with well-cooked Japanese rice and quinoa topped with salmon cubes dressed in zingy chipotle mayo, kimchi, jalapenos and a dollop of creamy avo. Alternatives include The Hoku ($16), a combination of brown rice, salmon, pineapple and wasabi mayo, as well as the Ono Hamachi ($16) that comes with diced hamachi mixed with wasabi, ponzu, edamame, seaweed, pickled ginger and tobiko.
Photo by Burppler Raine Liu

Situated near the cross junction of Neil and Keong Saik road comes Loloku, a poke cafe whose food ties in very closely to the theme of the restaurant. Decorated by pink flamingoes, leafy cushions and pastel paintings, this cafe truly lives up to its "Hawaiian" name. Although the make-your-own-bowl was a little pricey ($20) as I added avocado and a soft boiled egg ($2 each) on top of the bowl of brown rice, hamachi ($16), almonds, seaweed salad, tobiko and edamame, it was worth every cent. The sweet and spicy house-made sauce brought together every ingredient to create a tasty yet refreshing bowl. Definitely some aesthetic plating in an aesthetic setting as well. I would highly recommend this cafe on any afternoon for anyone to come to eat a healthy yet hearty poke bowl in this cosy yet refined place. Other fixed menu items are also available for those who do not want to create their own bowl ($14 for regular, $16 for large).


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We did up the BYO Hamachi Poke which was similar to their Ono Signature Bowl (same price as the BYO), but with a slight twist!

Our BYOP consists of Brown Rice, Hamachi, Seaweed Salad, Walnuts, Edamame tossed in Ponzu & Wasabi before being topped with Tobiko!

Upon the first mouthful, we were surprised at how every item complemented each other so well, and holding it altogether was the light, yet refreshing ponzu sauce! With crunchy bits from the tobiko, walnuts & seaweed salad, you've got yourself a seriously addictive yet guilt-free bowl of poke.

Taking over the now defunct Lollapalooza at the Working Capitol is Loloku, a fun, modern space dishing out elegant poke bowls. With bright pink flamingoes at the door, you won't be able to miss this beautiful spot. Loloku's gorgeous interior, intimate seating arrangement and hearty poke bowls make it a great spot to catch up with your girlfriends over lunch. Of all the pre-selected bowls we tried, the unique Ono Hamachi (from $16) stood out — fresh cubes of hamachi get a toss in ponzu and wasabi, and sit on a warm bed of kumbu rice with edamame, seaweed, pickled ginger and tobiko. It's a wickedly clever blend of Hawaiian meets Japanese, and its use of hamachi and ginger sets it apart from its poke competitors. There is also the option to build your own bowls (from $12). Pro tip: As tempting as braised wagyu beef sounds, skip the Koa Wagyu Bowl (from $16) and stick to their fish options.
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burppler Jonathan Teo


This is my favourite bowl out of the four we tried!
I have to admit that I'm definitely biased as it stars a few of my favourite things: edamame, pickled ginger (!!) and tobiko.
Although slower, I'm amazed that they dress the fish cubes a la minute – yes, bowl by bowl – perfect for delicate tasting proteins like hamachi. I'm so glad they didn't put too much wakame, as that often tips the flavour balance off for me.

I really liked this bowl's combination of kumbu (Japanese) rice and quinoa as base, esp since both were well-cooked. Ladle a heap of salmon cubes tossed with chipotle mayo, kimchi, pickled japaleños, almonds and a scoop of avocado and you’ve got a flavour party in your mouth. 👅
While my favourite is The Ono Hamachi, I’d recommend this for those looking for heavier flavours.


Yes, @lolokusg now opens along Keong Saik Road - serving fuss free lunch bowls for peeps around the area. Build your own poke (from $12) or go for their pre-set bowls like this Wikiwiki Salmon ($14/$16). Bold flavours with jalapeños and kimchi added, topped with chipotle mayo with a slight dash of spiciness. Interestingly, @lolokusg serves HAMACHI (!!) which a plus as compared to all the other Poke places in SG.
They serve @sarniescafe's coffee along with their Poke Bowls.


Hamachi, kombu rice, edamame, seaweed, pickled ginger, tobiko. This was by far our favourite bowl! The fish was fresh and generous, while the dressing of ponzu & wasabi was perfectly balanced. The toppings all went really well, especially the less commonly seen pickled ginger really sent it to another level. One of my favourite poke bowls for sure. Btw, don't get the wagyu bowl, stick to their fish! We also had a great DIY bowl, and a glass of rosé hehe ($10, $8 at happy hour) which went well with the bowl. Will consider coming in the evening to enjoy happy hour with a nice poke!