Scrambled Egg and Ham Toast

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Thick toast with scrambled eggs and ham. Iā€™m not too fond of the ham, but you can never go wrong with crisp toast and soft scrambled eggs!

This has thick toast with scrambled eggs and ham ($4.50). The scrambled eggs were fluffy and were of a similar texture to what I had in Hong Kong. It was a lot better than I expected and I liked it.


Located under block 45 at Holland Drive, Seoi Gor Cafe is where you should head to when you're craving for cheap and good cha chaan teng items. While the presentation for some of the dishes may be lacking, Seoi Gor Cafe makes up for them in terms of flavour and their reasonable pricing ā€” nothing is over $6. Follow Tastemaker Casey Tan's lead and order the Scrambled Egg and Ham Toast ($4.50), silky scrambled eggs set atop heavily buttered, well toasted bread that remained fluffy through the meal. It's satisfying but not the most filling, which only means you can order more like Burppler Hwan Lim's recommendation of Macaroni Soup with Fried Egg ($4.80). A comforting yet flavourful item, it's a dish that sits well with most diners, young or old. Wash it all down with a cup of HK Traditional Milk Tea ($1.90).
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Casey Tan

the floor tiles, the green colour and Canto songs.
Had the scrambled eggs toast - presentation not quite there, but the toast was actually fluffy.
My humble recommendation is for new cafes to do some marketing, well.... can't just open and wait for miracles to happen. All the best! #DFDSingapore #DFDEggPorn

Run by several young adults, the 3 week old soei gor (ę°“å“„) at blk 45 holland drive is a Hk styled casual cafe that serves typical chaa chan teng grub.
I had the scrambled egg and ham toast and was actually very pleasantly surprised! The silky scrambled eggs had a great texture and the heavily buttered bread was well toasted and remained fluffy throughout! While the eggs were slightly unseasoned, it's better than it being overly salty.
While it's still not as good as Australian Diary,it def has potential to being to being the best in the area.