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$32.90 · 13 Reviews

One of the best versions of grilled Octopus I have had yet. A must get when at this establishment, the umami of this tender and succulent piece of meat is amplified with the charred surface of the Octopus. A crowd pleaser that would satisfy one's tastebuds.

Who’s a fan of Greek food here? I’m no expert in Greek food but I can say that I really like Bakalaki. It’s fresh, hearty and flavourful.

At every Greek restaurant, it’s typical for people to order octopus. I have a love-hate relationship with this eight legged animal as it can be rather rubbery and tough if not done well. But this was amazing. The tentacles were fresh and nicely grilled (not too burnt) where it was soft and slightly chewy when you bite into it. Condiments are very simple. It’s just a wedge of lemon, oregano and extra virgin olive oil. This way you can really tell if the seafood is really fresh.

They’re open for takeaway/ delivery during this CB period. So do check them out if you wanna have Greek/ Mediterranean food at home.

Grilled to perfection, notwithstanding the level of complex in cooking this with the perfect char 🔥

Exquisite Greek cuisine served include Olives, Grilled Cheese, Traditional Herb Pita, Spinach Puff, Five Dips including Tzaziki & Hummus.
Grilled Octopus, Grilled Red Snapper, Ribeye Steaks, Lamb Steaks, Greek Salad, Greek Desserts.
Greek Wine from Sparkling, Whites, Reds & Dessert Wine are served.
Thank you @blessincasia for the invite; @worldgourmetsummit for hosting; Chef Spiros Palailogos for the feast; Sommelier Chris Paralanis for amazing wine selection; @bakalakigreektaverna & Service Team for the warm hospitality as always.
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Both the grilled lamb chop ($32.9) and grilled octopus $32.9) that we ordered were well executed. Coupled with the wine and a lively atmosphere, a good place for dinner dates or group gathering. we mentioned that it was our anniversary and they surprised us with a dessert on the house. overall very good experience.

Bakalaki is a Greek Restuarant that serves good authentic Greek food. Booking must be done at least a few days or more in advance. Their grilled octopus is slightly charred outside and the inside is soft and tender. Definitely a dish worth to try.


This was the mixed seafood platter with Tsipoura fish ( sea bream) taking pride of place and grilled to perfection. 118 sgd ++. Accompanied by a pair of tender jumbo prawns and a chargrilled octopus which was delicious. The calamari was also well executed if a little hard work at the end but only because of the quantity. Relaxing and bright ambience and very busy even at a lunchtime sitting. Great place to come if you’re a) hungry and b) in a big group so you can try more. Excellent restaurant and well run. Will be back!

Haven't had grilled octopus in a while! This was nicely charred and still tender. Love the simplicity of the dish - octopus, quality olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.


A new arrival on the Tiong Bahru circuit, BAKALAKI Greek Taverna is our next go-to for date night. Decked out in a palette of white and light wood, the gorgeous space serves authentic Greek fare with cosy, laid-back vibes. Order the Moussaka ($22.90) the moment you are seated — the classic dish of layered eggplant, minced beef, cheese and potatoes takes 40 minutes to cook, but is well worth the wait. Meanwhile, get going with an order of Warm Pita Bread ($2.90) and their generously portioned dips. Try the Taramosalata ($15.90), an appetising dip made from white cod roe, bread crumbs and lemon juice. Other Burpple community favourites include the Htapodi ($32.90), expertly grilled octopus tentacles (you get two tentacles per serving) and Paidakia ($32.90), grilled lamb chops marinated with oregano and rosemary. If space permits, consider the Loukoumades ($14.90) for dessert. These fried donuts are drizzled with honey and cinnamon, and served with chocolate sauce for dipping.
Avg Price: $55 per person
Photo by Burppler Veronica Phua

The food is bakalaki is pretty fantastic but their service is even better. We ordered a seafood platter for 2 ($119) that came with crispy calamari, prawns, their signature grilled octopus and a 400g grilled fish.

While they we're really flavourful, the fish was unfortunately a little on the cold side. Not thinking much of it we finished the entire platter anyways. As we were finishing up, the owner came by and asked us how the food was. Upon finding out about the platter, he immediately waived it off the menu despite our vehement protests saying that feedback was more important.

Woooooo. and that guys is how you earn a repeat customer 😄