Beef Noodles

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When we asked the Burpple community for some of their fave local eats in Petaling Street, it was a unanimous vote for Shin Kee’s Beef Noodles (from RM9) – some even say it's the best in town! Think a heavenly combination of handmade noodles and savoury minced pork served with a bowl of intensely beefy soup brimming with more meat. There’s also a soup version available that's just as flavourful!
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Introduced By many magazines and media, the traditional beef noodle. I would say that the idea of dry beef noodle was very interesting. Deep savory meat sauce could be mixed with the noodle directly or into the soup. I would pay to buy jars of that meat sauce back. For 8RM, it was more of an over blown media made famous dish. .
Shin Kee Beef Noodles


As his parents helm the streetside Shin Kee in Chinatown at night, Anthony runs their daytime restaurant along Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock. Look out for the 'Beef Noodles Specialist' signboard and enter to join the steady lunch crowd. What sets their Beef Noodles (from RM8) apart from the rest — the area boasts many — is their distinctive dry noodle rendition, featuring full-flavoured minced meat topping with a bowl of umami-packed beef broth on the side. We recommend the lou shi fun and Hakka noodles, for their smooth but bouncy textures that complement the meaty sauce. On beef, the crunchy tripe and bouncy beef balls are household favourites not to be missed. Now that the shop has expanded next door, finding a seat has become less of a hitch but you should still expect to share tables with other patrons.
Avg price per person: RM10
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Located very near to Central Market and right beside one of the Petaling Street entrances, Shin Kee beef noodles held their famous beef noodle for probably decades!

Sorry noodles, but I prefer mee hoon this time as I ordered a dry mix beef mee hoon (RM8). The dry boiled mee hoon topped with minced beef and a big bowl of soup of beef balls, thin sliced beef, and its tripes. You would want to mix up the mee hoon with the minced beef which contains lots of flavorsome sauce. The soup was simply good with clean and strong beef flavor. All the meat inside the soup is tender perfectly cooked. You can even still see a bit of pinkish part inside the beef stripes as a sign that they are mediumly cooked! Asides from that, the tripe was tender and the beef balls were springy.

I think The forever-young-faced uncle who always cooks the noodle there is also very friendly. There's another Shin Kee stall inside of Petaling Street ran by an old couple only at night. I haven't confirmed this yet, I think those are the uncle's parents' stall. A strong reminder to avoid lunch time rush hour.


The best beef noodles I've had in my life!

Beef noodle talks in Kuala Lumpur will always lead you here. A beef noodle shop that has been around since my father was a student, Shin Kee is famous as the "Kaki Lima" beef noodles. The shop is small with 7 small tables that can comfortably fit 3 people and 1 long table at the end. If you want to come here for a huge meal for more than 10, this is little hard.

I got the smll (RM 7.00) with mixed parts (tripe, tendon, beef slices, beef balls). No GST here and no service charge. Granted it's below RM 10, but coming from a shop in KL you should know there probably is a catch. Indeed the catch is you don't get much "stuff" at all. 4-5 slices of beef, 2 tendons, 3-4 meatballs and 1 tripe. It seems that inflation isn't affecting only our pockets. Big eaters may go for a big (RM 9.00) tho my brothers would need a big and a small to get full.

The soup itself wasn't very flavourful, in terms of soup I probably prefer the one opposite in Lai Foong. However, the star of the meal is probably the minced meat sauce. The sauce, when mixed with the noodles, gives it a frageance and flavour that is not too salty, but enough to give flavour to the noodles - like a slight kiss if the mince meat sauce to your tongue. The meat and beef balls have a the "beef" taste that som people aren't used to. If you don't like the smell/taste that comes with beef this isn't probably isn't the one for you.

Whenever I come here, I always order dry, with a bowl of meat in soup by the side. If I had to eat noodles in soup, I would go for the one in Lai Foong.

Beef noodles : RM 7.00 (small)
GST & Tax : RM 0.00
Total Expense : RM 7.00