House Rice Bowl

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An Asian twist we never knew we needed •

Another must have when visiting Li is their crispy skin yet juicy chicken chop with pickled market vegetables and crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside potatoes •

Do really miss their pulled pork they used to have as an add on protein to my rice bowl though 🙁 #highlyRAEted •

Psst, they’re now selling spams too besides rotating between mains of the week ! 😉 •

House Rice Bowl RM17.90 • Chicken Chop RM22 • Pork Toast 2pcs RM6 • Bacon Dumpling RM15 •

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My favourite dish of the afternoon had to be the rice bowl-- namely, the chicken. The guys at Li, with sorcery unbeknownst to me, retained all the essence of chicken within the generous cuts of meat. Also!! The runny onsen egg married everything together to make a heavenly mouthful. We ordered a side of vegetables as well, and they happened to be serving this rendition of cabbage that day (I believe every day the veg changes but idek if this is still a menu option :/ I don't see it on the website). I've never had cabbage charred and paired with citrus and spices before, so this was a pleasantly refreshing experience!⁣

If you visit, please do yourself a favour and order the rice bowl and some pork toast! Li has definitely become one of my favourite spots alongside Table and Apron. I have to be back!⁣

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This cosy eatery in Damansara Jaya is popular for one thing – the signature House Rice Bowl (RM17.90). Burppler Sunita S akins this wholesome bowl to a "warm hug" – think crispy chicken thigh, sous-vide egg, pickled cucumbers and ginger scallion drizzled with housemade chilli mayo on rice. Go big with the Go All Out bowl (RM25.90) with additional juicy pork belly. Ps. They've recently added a scrumptious Market Vegetable Bowl (RM18) to the menu, with charred broccoli and mushrooms on seaweed butter rice. Yum!

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A decent amount of rice bowl topped with soft and tender pork belly, pork glaze, onsen egg, homemade pickles and greens. I love how succulent the pork is and the melt in your mouth fats goes well with the rice. Wish there was more sauce to go with. Top up RM8 for flat white. RM23 per serving.

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The famed rice bowl from Li. I must say this was definitely praise-worthy. Chicken thigh was very well seasoned and packed full of flavour. Especially enjoyed the pickled cucumbers!


It might sound pricey for just a veggie bowl but there are a lot of components that make it – from the butter slicked in housemade seaweed butter to the perfectly charred broccoli and mushrooms and the sous-vide egg. It’s such a flavourful dish!

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A new addition to the menu.
It sounded simple, but boy was the taste anything but simple. Every single element in the bowl was executed perfectly. Flavourful seaweed rice, wonderfully marinated vegetables (broccoli was the star of the show!), wobbly soft egg and I can go on and on about the spicy chilli sauce! Can’t wait for my next trip to Li’s so that I can taste it all over again.

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I’ve had this rice bowl way too many times, but this it probably the only picture I have of it lol. My go-to whenever I’m here. Reminds me a whole lot of chicken rice; juicy brined chicken atop fluffy rice and drizzled with a dash of chilli mayo, and on the side, pickled cucumbers and a perfect egg. Happiness in a bowl.

Li’s stellar take on local grub is not to be missed – think classics like chicken rice and kaya toast, elevated with modern techniques. The community loves the House Rice Bowl (RM17.90), a combination of steamed rice with crispy chicken, sous-vide egg and chilli mayo. In Burppler Sunita S's words, 'it's engineered like a warm hug'. Another crowd-pleaser is the crunchy Pork Toast (RM9.90), which works as a great snack if you're feeling extra hungry. Baked goods are also up for grabs at the counter – snag the wonderfully fluffy Sourdough Loaf (RM10) and a jar of sous vide Kaya (RM7.90) to enjoy at home.
Photo by Burppler Sunita S

Li’s House Rice Bowl (RM17.90) is culinarily engineered to feel like a warm hug in the form of steamed rice, topped with a generous portion of crispy chicken, served with a sous-vide soft egg and a drizzle of chilli mayo. If you’re feeling carnivorous, add on a side of pulled pork (RM4).