Laksa Linguine

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Laksa pasta seems to be one of the hot favorites at Coalesce. A whopping plate of linguine tossed in mild spicy laksa sauce, where you can even taste the chopped laksa leaves. I would have liked it better with a stronger laksa taste though. Served with chewy squid and juicy prawns, they aren't stingy with the seafood at all. A familiar laksa ingredient, tau pok, could also be found, just that there's no gravy to soak it up. You could also create thickness in the pasta by breaking the soft poached egg and let the oozy egg yolk flow.

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They got both the 8.8++ and the 16++ lunches but by now everyone knows about their seafood linguine

I srsly don't understand how they sell the laksa linguine at 22++ when this 8.8 pasta is around( isn't it just laksa vs sambal balacan lol)

I didn't particularly like it lol the seafood was ok, the sauce was spicy enough but there wasn't nearly enough flavour and oomph for me.

Though to be fair this is absolutely amazing at its prize point there's really nothing to pick at when it's 8.8++


Coalesce's legendary laksa pasta now comes in a new version, the Sambal Belacan Seafood Linguine. It actually comes as one of the options for mains in the 2-course power lunch set meal at Coalesce, which is going for $8.80++.

The sambal was moderately spicy, as evidenced by fellow Tastemaker Vanessa immediately reaching for her drink. The spice wasn't enough to mask the rest of the flavors present, fortunately enough. If you brave the heat, you'll be rewarded by a vast ocean of savory, luscious flavors thanks to the sambal belacan that adorns every last linguine.

While the squid could be fresher, the seafood was cooked just right, and there's quite the bounty of them swimming around in this plate eagerly sucking up that sterling sambal belacan.

This was a hosted Eatup, courtesy of Coalesce and Burpple!


Hidden away on level 3 of NTU's Alumni Building in One North is, a new casual dining restaurant with a focus on fusion cuisine.
We had a group lunch there today and we're all pleasantly surprised by how tasty the dishes were.
Pictured above is the Laksa Linguine from the a la carte menu. Besides the generous helping of springy squid, peeled prawns and "tau pok", the pasta also came topped with an onsen egg that when broken and stirred, coated everything in a luscious silkiness. As it was mildly spicy, this should be fine even for those with a low threshold for hot food.