Fish Maw Noodle Soup

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Is been long time since my last visit here, was a unfortunate trip that time as this stall was closed at that time.

After hearing they are closing in March this year for renovation, I decided to make my long trip to taste their noodle soup.

For $11, indeed a decent and sinful soup because the taste has been mixed with fish maw and pork.

It was tasty but be prepared to get thirsty after. Generous portion of ingredients inside including the fish maw, pork and mushroom.

I had the fish maw noodle soup which this stall is famous for. It comes in two sizes, $11 and $13, and I got the $11 one. I loved the huge soft chunks of fish maw. There’s also pork liver, mushrooms, minced pork and a few cabbage leaves. Unfortunately I didn’t really like the soup. Yes it is cloudy and eggy, but it is also loaded up with an overwhelming amount of MSG.

This bowl of bcm right here packs a crazy punch! Super flavourful and filled with ingredients! Liver, seaweed, minced meat, pork slices, mushroom, fried fish, pork lard, YOU NAME IT! The soup is so rich and thick, it almost feels like I’m eating a bowl of ramen! The fish maw soup is also Super shiok! Not the cheap kind of fish maw! 10/10!!!!!!!!!!

Seng Kee’s fish maw BCM Noodles is unbeatable.

After coming to Serangoon Gardens a couple of times to see this stall closed, I am in luck.
While the dry Bak Chor Mee was more ordinary, it was really the soup ($11/$13) version that people enjoy more. Flavourful with the slight tinge of bitterness coming from dry sole fish.
The fish maw, cooked soft and till it absorbed quite a bit of the flavours, was the highlight.
Which is your favourite soupy Bak Chor Mee in Singapore? #DFDHawker #DFDNoodles

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We feel that this is really as good as what we would called Singapore style ramen, expect that you get rich fish maw broth instead of pork or chicken bones. Unfortunately, it does require some luck to get our hands on this bowl from Seng Kee as its opening hours can be quite erratic. Not to mention be prepared to brace yourself for the long queue as well. Now, long weekend begins!

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Fish Maw Soup, Fish Maw Soup with Noodles: $10/12
(The $12 one comes with a full piece of fried sole fish!!)

First sip of the soup would hit you with the sweet &savoury scent of the sole fish! It's deeply infused into the soup, alongside about 3-4 thick pieces of fish maw, egg, pork slices, minced pork &liver. This is sooo satisfying and imo, goes best with kwaytiao in it! Sad that they ran out of it when i visited on a Saturday afternoon.

Their meepok dry was clumpy and texture wise wasnt great. Tai Hwa's noodles + Seng Kee's soup would be out of the world thou!!

Awesome! Dry was tastier, but the broth was heavenly :)

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Ran here on a Saturday morning for the famed soup meepok. The flatfish is the magic to the soup, alongside it's fluffy fish maw!! Had to finish every single drop of that eggy broth. $10 serving is good to share amongst two. The queue is worth braving too (~30mins on a sat 10am)

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