Avocado & Dukkah

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One of our favourite open sandwich toast.

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Very nice and relaxing environment to have a chill brunch with your friends. I believe the Avocado & Dukkah is one of the hot selling toasts but I had Scrambled Egg with Smoked Tomatoes! The toast had a chewy texture that went well with the warmly served scrambled eggs. I should have paired it along with a cuppa hot coffee though!

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I was told Dukkah was a spice. I didn’t like it. Ended up scrapping most of it off. The toast had a chewy texture that went really well with the hummus and avocado. Next time I would ask them to leave off the Dukkah.

Finally got a chance to try their avocado & dukkah open toast. The hummus and the avocado goes pretty well and the texture is still pretty light and refreshing which is a surprise for me. Their coffee with oat milk is my favourite - the milk foam is very smooth and doesn’t add any sourness to the coffee.

Avocado & Dukkah ($8) and Classic Salmon ($10) are both my favourite open sandwiches in Singapore. They are perfectly flavoured and healthy. Avocado blends with hummus. Salmon blends with herb cream cheese. I would recommend to everyone who want a light and nice breakfast and for those who are sick of the big brunch that would make you sleepy for the whole afternoon on weekends.

Maybe it’s the folks, or the coffee, or the concept... but there’s something about this place that feels like home.

It’s my third time here - watching them in the hustle and bustle of a small pop up, then the first day when they opened in this new space, and now seeing their business blossom. I’m still impressed by how they’ve not let the growth of their business crowd out their personal connection with people.

I love that I can talk to the owners about the coffee blends that they have, and that they’ll genuinely be patient enough to help me find one that I like. They rotate their beans fairly often, so coffee lovers will be in for a treat. I even to read about the estate where my beans were from - Acacia Hills in Tanzania.

What’s great is that you can get a good cup of espresso-based coffee for under $5. My double-shot white ($4 + $0.50 for an extra shot) was smooth with a syrupy butterscotch and smooth blood orange finish.

Their Avocado & Dukkah toast ($8) is one of the best avocado toasts I’ve tasted around. The creaminess of the avocados and intense tahini flavour of the hummus is paired well with the lightness from the olive oil, crumbs of feta cheese and pinches of homemade dukkah spices.

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Love the vibes that we tend to hang out here these days. Since pastries weren’t available that day, we decided to go for their toast. Avocado & Dukkah is made with crispy sourdough (from Woodlands Sourdough yeah!) covered with ripe avocado, dukkah spices and hummus. It’s one of the better avocado toast around.

Meant for giving grace, feeling alive and filled with good food. 🌼👧🏻

☕️: Mocha
🥙: Avocado & dukkah (fresh avocado slices, hummus, feta cheese, house dukkah spice) // Classic salmon (smoked salmon, herbed cream cheese, zucchini, radish and dill)

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My dislike for avocados is no secret: aside from guacamole, I shun from anything with that veggie/fruit/what’sthatgreenthing. Not being over dramatic here, but this is the first avocado anything I’ve managed to stomach - and down completely on my own. I’m not gonna say it’s way superior than others or some game-changing avo toast; perhaps it’s the simplicity of this Avocado & Dukkah toast, the perfectly riped avos (to me at least, not too mushy or buttery, with a little bite and resistance), and how it all just holds together without making me think of solid tasteless butter. A very satisfying - and surprisingly filling - meal on its own.

Housed in a standalone metal and glass structure, sporting floor-to-ceiling windows, wood accents and lush greenery, this gorgeous light-filled space in CHIJMES is ideal for a bit of respite in the city. Pop in for a coffee and something small to eat, be it a cinnamon roll, a slice of banana cake with cream cheese frosting or an open-faced sandwich from their toast bar — try the Avocado & Dukkah ($7) if you fancy something savoury. They use sourdough from The Bakery at Woodlands Sourdough for their toasts, so expect a good, crisp crust. The Burpple community has praised the friendly service and warm ambience, so file this away for some me-time or a quiet tete-a-tete. Coffee-wise, their offerings (from $3.50 for a black coffee) feature a rotation of beans from various roasters, so you're likely to be surprised every time.
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burppler Salsera Love