Crab Bee Hoon

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We were blown away by the amazing food!
Some notable highlights among the many: - Crab Bee Hoon - It is the spawning season for crabs, as such, the crabs we got were brimming with delicious crab roe! The beehoon and soup were incredibly tasty and infused with Wok Hei. The soup had pieces of crunchy lard which made the mouthfeel even better. The Umami when you combine these elements with the crab roe was simply divine. Let me tell you what's better, THEY DO SOUP REFILLS! I mean...this is awesome! - Fermented Pork Belly - Another wonderful dish, had a deep aroma of fermented beancurd and rose wine. Lightly battered and expertly fried. Perfectly paired with freshly pounded chilli, lime and ginger. That chilli sauce was a wonderful combination.
Overall, I would rate this as one of the best szr char experiences in SG. Starve yourself prior and go crazy here. 🔸
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This crab costs $88. Best crab beehoon I’ve had. The soup is flavourful and full of wok hei, crab is very meaty! Must try at this zi char place! Do call in to make your booking!


Really huge crab. 1.3kg. The broth is savory that enhance the taste of the bee hoon. Add chili padi and it’s shiok to the max!

Just so amazed at how the dish of crab bee hoon can vary between different cultures e.g. Thai and Chinese. Love this Chinese version of Crab Bee Hoon as it was overflowing with so much umami. The crab was also very meaty and fresh as each skilful twist of the limb released the meat all so neatly. With one hand holding the spoon to slurp the umami soup and bee hoon and another working on the pincer, it seems that one is ready to take down the world with such a satisfied stomach 😛

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Crab Bee Hoon ($92)
The crab bee hoon here at Long Ji Zi Char has been raved by countless and it’s not hard to understand why. The thing that first hits me is that wok-hei, the well fried bee hoon that’s full of that smokey and slightly char-ry taste, consistent in every spoonful of bee hoon. The gravy was also not spared. That brownish gravy that’s full of umami goodness from the crab slurps up so well together with the bee hoon the plate was almost bone dry after the ordeal. The star of the show has to be that succulent crab which did not die in vain as I peeled off every bit of delicious flesh without much effort. With that gravy coating the flesh, I only wished there was more crab to go around. This has to be the star dish of the evening but while the rest of the dishes for the evening were good, a revisit would probably occur at a much later date.

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We came here for one one and one thing only - the famed Crab Bee Hoon needless to say - it delivered. The broth was rich in crab flavour and the pepperiness made it very satisfying. Pairing it with the chilli rounded out the flavours to make it homely yet extremely tasty. It was so more-ish that even though we chose to add extra noodles ($5) the 3 of us felt like we could still have eaten more. The crab meat itself was soft and sweet, however we did feel like it was not the 1kg of crab that we ordered.

What came as a surprise was the quality of the other dishes that we ordered. We also got the Salted Egg Yolk Pumpkin which was a revelation in terms of taste. The salted egg yolk sauce was blended into the batter that the pumpkin was deep fried with, creating an umami shell around the sweet bite sized chunks of pumpkin. Every bite was an explosion of flavour. And the extra bits of pure salted egg yolk batter that remained after frying? Pure heaven.

The Har Cheong Kai (Prawn Paste Chicken) was also good, though not awe-inspiring like the previous 2 dishes. Crispy on the outside while tender and well-seasoned on the inside, chicken wing lovers have got to order this.

Overall, a very satisfying meal of many different flavours executed well.


Finally back at Long Ji to properly try their famous crab bee hoon! With every table here sporting a plate of this, you know it's gonna be goooood.

And hot damn, this was one of the freshest crabs I've ever had. A quick tug on the claw and the entire chuck of sweet flesh came clean out of it's shell! 🤤The bee hoon and broth was packed with peppery goodness and wok hei, so good that I'm salivating just thinking about it. 👅💦


I don't know how to make a plateful of bee hoon, crab and sauce look sexy, but it looks plenty enticing to me! Very reluctant to share this with everyone, but #dismyshit! I absolutely adore the crab bee hoon from Long Ji Zi Char. The crab is always fragrant and fresh, cooked lovingly in a sweet porky broth that brims with flavour. It is absolutely, lip-smackingly, decadent - rich from crab, pork, herbs and long long hours of stewing away in some pot. The noodles have an intensity only achieved through wok hei - a heady fragrance that is tasted with every mouthful. It's like all the meaty joys of the world have been pulled into the springy, glassy noodles that delight with its texture, aroma and after taste. Not to be gross, but even your after burps taste damn good. Also, order the salted egg pumpkin. 😌 heaven.

Maybe not the most popular crab bee hoon out there, but definitely one of the best! Ever since our last visit, they seemed to have adjusted their recipe and made the lard taste less strong, which allowed the sweetness of the crab to be brought out! Their assam fish head was also top notch!! Definitely one place to visit for great (although pricey) zichar!
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