Aspirasi Chicken Rice (Seah Im Food Centre)

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Ayam Penyet

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Aspirasi is widely regarded as the best halal fried chicken rice (Ayam Penyet) in Singapore. You'll find this gem in Harbourfront's Seah Im Food Centre - for $5, you'll get a hearty plate of deep-fried chicken thigh and fragrant rice buried in crispy batter bits. Top one $1 for extra chicken, you won't regret it. And the sambal chilli? It packs a punch and can only be described as "damn shiok". According to Burppler Gerald Chai, at least.

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Taste good. Big portion for just $5. Chicken very fresh, n coated w crunchy skin. The crunchy fried crush is self service, u can take more if u like it.

Find this gem in Seah Im Food Centre. Order their dcadent Ayam Penyet ($5), where a succulent, deep fried chicken thigh comes buried in an avalanche of crispy batter bits and is served with sour-spicy sambal balado chilli sauce. Pro-tip: Add a dollar for extra chicken — you won't regret it!
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I'm divided. I can't decide if my favorite part of the Ayam Penyet ($5) from Aspirasi #01-45 is the bucket full of free flow batter bits or its mound of chicken rice. The crunchy crispies are just fragrant enough and who’s to say no when you can bury your chicken in scoops of it? The golden batter bits elevate your meal with every munch. The chicken rice is a game changer, making an aromatic pairing with your chicken so you get a moreish meal. The deep-fried chicken thigh is tender meat wrapped in crunchy skin. It's marinated till saltish which enhances its savouriness. Slapped onto the side is some spicy sambal balado chilli sauce which imparts a tinge of sourness. A bit of it burns your whole palate without being overly potent. I like myself a Milo Dinosaur from the drinks stall a few units down to finish.
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Chanced upon this stall when we were there for Hokkien mee but this was the star of the night. The long queue at the stall piqued my interest and so I bought this for the girlfriend to try ◡̈ The chicken leg was tender and juicy despite having its skin deep fried to crisp while the rice was extremely fragrant and fluffy. The chilli packs a kick while there is a whole bucket of the crispy chicken batter for you to lavish your plate with yourself. Free-flow crispies, everyone!

Lunch cannot get any better than this when there’s a deep fried chicken thigh, a bowl of chicken infused rice and a dollop of that sambal chilli that packs a punch. What’s more, you can even help yourself to as much batter crunch as you desire to make it a “complete” meal.
Aspirasi Food Stall
Address: 2, Seah Im Road, Seah Im Food Centre, Unit 01-45, Singapore 099114

The perpetual crowd spotted at this Muslim-owned stall is proof of its prowess, found in a killer plate of Ayam Penyet ($3.50). Here's why you should join the queue for it: scrumptious flavoured rice piled on with a golden deep-fried chicken leg, smothered in red hot sambal. Tastemaker Amanda Liu warns of the sambal’s fiery, sweat-inducing effects, so consider asking for it on the side instead. Besides the winning qualities of that aromatic rice and juicy, crispy-skinned chicken, the free-flow crunchy batter crumbs are what seal the deal and make up the "uber addictive element", as Tastemaker Julius Lim puts it.
Avg Price: $5 per person.
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How in the world have I not known of this place?! All thanks to Burpple for giving me this recommendation when I was lost at Seah Im Hawker Center. I came across a review that described their favourite Ayam Penyet and once I found saw the line outside the stall, I knew I was in for a win.

The chicken is so so tender and perfectly crisped on the outside. It's a match made in heaven when you combine it with the fluffy and flavourful rice. One word of caution though - the chilli packs a punch, so don't mess around with it! Oh and let's also not forget that they leave a bucket of all that battered crumbs that have soaked up all the good flavouring outside of the stall for you to help yourself elevate this dish to the next level!!

All of this for just $5! Honestly one of the best Ayam Penyet I've had, so come try it for yourself!