Bearded Eggs

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Good ambience, service is good, and food is not bad. Coffee is ok but have expected it to be better.

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Yes, a weird moniker but who cares when you taste absolutely delish! Perfectly poached eggs, draped by a velvety green minty hollandaise sauce, sit atop toasted baguettes. The pork jowl and pickled daikons were paired perfectly and my side Pommes Anna was so good! A must order.


Both good dishes. One with pork the other with Salmon.

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Dr. Seuss’ iconic “Green Eggs and Ham” was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this plate of green hollandaise-covered poached eggs. Except that the meat in this dish of “The Bearded Eggs” was a tasty slow-cooked pulled pork jowl. Slices of pickled daikon brought a refreshing cut-through that gave the plate a polished sophistication.
Note: Yet to be officially open, Bearded Bella is operating on a tips-only basis for now.


Their pre-soft launch menu is currently offering mains like:
•The Virtuous Mushroom☺️
Confit mushrooms, pickled mushrooms, hummus, almond dukkha & parsley on toast /Add: Marinated tofu or bacon
•The Grain Bowl
Cos lettuce, cucumber, brussel sprouts, cherry tomatoes, almonds, house dressing & avocado
•Smashed Avocado
Toasted seeds, feta, sweet potato crisps & pomegranate on toast / Add: Bacon
•The Bearded Eggs
Slow-cooked pork jowl on baguette with green hollandaise & pickled daiko / Add: Pommes Anna
With them being one of those few that’d roast their own house-blend coffee (70% Ethiopian, 30% Honduras beans), as well as to serve homemade pastries, cakes & treats, there’s no such thing as a summer slowdown for this city's dining scene.
The airy space here also adopts a modern minimalist theme with white walls & tiles blending with warm wooden table tops, jewel tones of blush red cushion & teal seating, while plants🍃 & the huge open skylight window brings it back down to earth. Perfect for a shot of your daily cuppa or #ootd!
**Prices are on a tipping basis right now before their official soft launch, do make sure you bring some cash along!
📍Bearded Bella
8 Craig Rd Tanjong Pagar S089668
Daily 7:30am– 5pm
📷: @Google @Pixel2XL

While the experience with the coffee and The Bearded Eggs were less pleasant, it seems that the Dill Cured Salmon is perhaps one of the signature offerings here. Described as “Pommes Anna, Herb Mayo, Poached Egg, Fennel and Orange”, the dish would satiate those whom have a preference of savoury flavours. The salmon was enjoyable, flaky and moist while carrying its own distinct flavour and lightly perfumed with dill, it remains as the star of the dish while the other elements such as the fennel and orange played secondary roles to the other elements. If anything, my favourite item here had to be the Pomme Anna; thinly-sliced potatoes that is stacked and layered atop one another that provides an interesting texture, yet well-flavored with salt and pepper that is similar to a gratin. Thought the poached egg felt a tad lonely here; whilst being flowy and all, there is not really anywhere that it quite belongs with the entire dish, sitting alone in a corner of the plate. Otherwise, a dish that is certainly worth ordering at Bearded Bella!


“Slow cooked pork jowls on baguette with green hollandaise and pickled daikon”. A dish that I wasn’t exactly fond of from it’s aesthetics — not sure if the Green Hollandaise appeals to some visually but it’s probably the element that sits the least well with me in this case. That aside, the bearded eggs is a poached egg dish with a slight meaty twist; the pork jowl being crisp, yet melt-in-the-mouth but free from any porky stench, whilst maintaining quite a bit of fattiness within — thought the pork jowl could have fared a little better with some salt for better flavour. The baguette was relatively crisp, while coming with a bit of tension with every bite; the eggs being perfectly poached with flows egg yolks within. Wasn’t quite a fan of the Green Hollandaise however; whilst coming with a slight tang and creaminess of the usual hollandaise, there seems to be a lime-ish flavour infused with it that provides a zingy taste that did not sit quite well with the creaminess for my taste buds especially given how the pork felt particularly bland — didn’t quite cut through the meatiness as it seems to be included for. The pickled daikons also particularly lacked any tangy notes that refreshes the tastebuds, being particularly plain whilst carrying crunch.

Slow-cooked pork jowl, poached eggs, herbed Hollandaise, pickled radish on baguette (you can choose to add Pommes Anna too, but this was filling and rich enough for me).

They warn you that the pork jowl is on the fattier side when you order – plus points for thoughtful service, especially if you're not familiar with the cut. Biting into the seared coins reveals tender meat and a whole strip of melt-in-the-mouth fat. It's not for everyone, so if that doesn't sound like something that'll make you drool, skip this. The eggs were beautifully poached oozing liquid gold (good quality eggs too!) slathered with dill and parsley-infused hollandaise sauce. The pickle was helpful in cutting through the richness, but I needed a touch more acidity, perhaps a drizzle of lemon juice.

Can't wait to be back to try more!