Bacon & Chip Butty

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The buttered buns. The runny yolk. The crispy bacon. 😍

Enjoyed my bacon and chip butty: imagine bacon, hashbrown and sunny side egg with a runny yolk sandwiched in a soft bun. Their beef stew with mash is pretty good too.

The father and son combo at Lad and Dad offer an iconic English bacon and chip butty ($5) to hungry diners. A devasting deludge of texture and flavor, you get crispy hash brown and bacon tucked into a fluffy buttered roll topped with a fried egg that hits all the right spots and more.
πŸ“: @ladanddadsg
πŸš‚: Tanjong Pagar
πŸ’°: Around $10
βš–οΈ: If you have space, order their beef stew with mash potatoes. Its eyerollingly delicious

Tried the beef stew ($10) and the bacon n chip butty ($5). Both were delicious although a bit pricey but I Guess it is still value for money! Never tried the ones in England before so I can’t rlly compare, but still enjoyed my experience here!

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Holy shit this school canteen fish burger bun with hashbrown/bacon/fried egg combo so bloody shiokkkk πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

questionable πŸ˜‚ However, this one is too good to miss 😊

Lad & Dad
Maxwell Food Centre Stall 79, 1 Kadayanallur Street, Singapore, 069184
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(+$1.00 for Scrambled Eggs / Cheese)

Ever wondered how breakfast food will be in a burger? Well, this definitely fulfils everything. Tender bacon, a half-runny egg with a piece of crispy hashbrown topped with a soft bun; who could have any complaints about this mouthwatering combination?

The store is easy to spot as it's all green and stands out from the other stores! I'm a huge fan of breakfast food so this is definitely going to be a store that I'll be going to often (and get fat along the way as well HAHA) ☺️

The 'lad' the stall's name refers to is none other than owner Keith Koh, who studied in London. Together with his dad, the duo serves up British comfort food. Since their move from Serangoon Gardens to the more centrally located Maxwell Market, the menu has also expanded from their initial offering of stews to include more iconic English eats like Bangers and Mash ($8) and a most indulgent Bacon and Chip Butty ($4). As Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang says, how can anybody not love the combination of toasted buttered buns, bacon, fried hash brown and a fried oozy egg? There's also the option to add a savoury layer of melted mozzarella cheese β€” this is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Tastemaker Jean Kao loves the English Fry-Up Platter ($12), which left her gobsmacked with its generous portions and spot-on preparation. In addition to the usual baked beans and sausages, it also includes grilled cherry tomatoes, mushroom and sweet onion relish, and homemade potato hash. As Tastemaker Jean aptly puts it, "this plate would've cost almost twice as much in cafes, and some will not be able to even achieve the same level of awesome". If you're here for lunch, don't miss their Beef Stew ($10) that comes with their much acclaimed, dreamy Yorkshire pudding. You can also enjoy the Yorkshire pudding with vanilla ice-cream for only $3.
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Jean Kao

Ever since moving into Maxwell Food Centre, Lad & Dad has expanded their menu from solely stews to include timeless British culinary classics such as Bangers & Mash, Bacon & Chip Butty and the English Fry Up.

At $8, the bangers and mash comes with two excellent English sausages sitting pretty atop a mountain of chunky mashed potato, with a mushroom and onion chutney dressing the English bangers before everything is doused in a savory, thick beef gravy (chicken is available too).

The sausages were simply smashing, being juicy and tremendously tasty with a little hit of cracked black pepper every now and then. The buttery, thick mashed potatoes were rather satisfying to dig into, and when paired with that rich beef gravy (it might be their stew, I'm not sure), I was thoroughly enjoying that banging mash. The onion and mushroom chutney is pure brilliance, and the sweetness of the caramelized onions rubs off onto the mushrooms, and it provides a sweet respite from the savory onslaught.

However, it all just felt rather lacking today. Everything was just tepid, and it was quite disappointing to have such an excellent gravy just lose its appeal due to it not even being lukewarm. The mash was rather cold as well, and the sausages...that was barely warm. It's a shame really, all those fantastic flavors were let down by a distinct lack of heat from all elements involved.

Lad & Dad's grub is probably better than what I've sampled today. If only they'd remembered to make everything nice and hot.



So sinful but easily suitable for everyone’s tastebuds because how can anybody not like this combi - warm toasted and buttered buns, bacon, fried hash brown and a fried oozy egg! Buns were soft and I especially liked the crunch from the hash brown as well as the savoury layer of melted mozzarella cheese. Sounds simple but done so well! #BurppleYoungHawkers #BurppleMajulahMakan