Fermented Pork Belly

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The Penang Char Kway Teow was great, Fermented Pork Belly That Wasnt fatty. Whew. The crabs and prawns were too expensive, ordered a spicy prawn but the meat was dry. The flaming chicken is really good! It's more than just a show. The skin is crispy!

Every bite was crunchy


A bit too much for 1 person. Excellent dish for sharing


First time trying here and the Penang Laksa didn't disappoint at all. It taste better than the one I had in Penang. I would come back to try their Penang dishes. However, the Hor Fun sauce tasted funny and I can't really taste the oyster sauce. The Sum Lor Hor Fun is normal. The fermented pork belly was quite big for a small size. We didn't expect it to be that much. The fermented pork belly is crispy and savory.

We paid a total of $43.90 for 4 pax after including Service Charge & GST.

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Big portions and all three dishes are super yummy. The soup from the sachet chicken was πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ. We will definitely go there again to try other dishes.

Divine #zichar! They are moving in a few days to Union Trove, 32 Aljunied Road, S389817 - just diagonally across the road - to bigger premises. πŸ˜ƒ #penangseafoodrestaurant #aljunied #awesomefood .
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Deep fried with golden crunchy skin, the slices of pork belly had a nice amount of fat for you to chew. The small portion came rather big for the two of us, but we finished it nonetheless. The chilli sauce served on the table went really well with this sinful treats!

Ordered way too much food for 2 people - Penang char kway teow ($7.50, medium), baby spinach soup w 3 eggs ($12, small) and fermented pork belly ($12, small). The CKT was decent but there was a load of pork lard in it. Spinach (best dish) was unique as it had a thick and starchy gravy (horfun-style, as compared to other 3 egg spinach dishes with light broths). Fermented pork belly was basically deep fried pork with lots of fatty meat. Overall, a decent but extremely sinful meal, and not for people who are on a diet.


I can't help but think of this as the pork version of "Har Jeong Gai". Somehow, it seems more sinful than the chicken.


Thick chunky strips of deep fried fermented pork belly, we enjoyed that crunchy savoury exterior paired with its tender fatty meat. The version here is more oily and fatty than the one we had at JB Ah Meng but flavours were slightly stronger here. So sinful but also easy to wipe clean!


I love anything fried, and this is one dish that I truly enjoyed even for its simplicity. What was so addicting was the strong prawn paste marinade, which makes it so flavourful amidst the crisp skin and tender pork.