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Parrot Fish Belly Congee

$11.80 · 17 Reviews

This dish tells you why they're a congee place. Quite heartstopping. Congee was really deep. Fish was some of the best I've eaten.

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Came on a weekday for lunch at 1.30pm and there isn't any queue 😎 Without hesitation, I ordered the parrot fish belly congee after looking through all those raving reviews.

The congee is ultra fine and flavourful. It is recommended not to stir but to start scooping from top to bottom. The fish came with some wok-hei however I personally feel the flesh is slightly thick 》$11.80

Their claypot beef brisket was the new star for us tonight, other than the Parrot fish belly congee that we always enjoyed.
The thick dark gravy was strong in flavour and perfect even with just plain porridge, much like that of braised frog leg. Beef brisket and tendons were soft, tender and delicious.
With friendly services and Canto Pop music playing in the background, dinner here was such a joy at the end of the night.

Queued for 40 mins as the first batch of lunch crowd had just arrived. Had a set lunch $10.80 which consisted of one you tiao, slices of century egg and mine was dace ball congee + soya bean drink. My friend had the parrot fish belly congee which was a bigger bowl and a hongkong tea which she says the tea tasted normal like sg kopitiam tea? The congee we both had were smooth and nice. I enjoyed the meal but I got hungry fast with few hours. Btw i saw their website menu photos and what I had was different in size. The dace balls were small, you tiao is half half. So what you see might not be what you get. 😆

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Be it a marketing tactic or its laborious preparation process, this Fried Bean Curd Skin actually has a ‘subject to availability’ sign on the menu. Fortunately, I managed to get a portion of it and it paired so well with a bowl of congee. Slightly crisp on the outside while light and fluffy on the inside; I figured that the sheets of bean curb might have went for an egg wash before going into the fryer.
Mui Kee Congee
Address: 1, Scotts Road, Shaw Centre, Unit 01-12, Singapore 228208


Quite unexpected but the fish and congee both had such an intense Wok Hei it was like they had cook it with a charcoal inside (just kidding). Also enjoyed their drunken chicken which wasn’t too strong in alcohol but carried a mild sweetness which was pleasant.
Other than congee, Mui Lee’s noodles would also appeal to those who like that HK style noodles.
However, their 炸兩 fried fritters wasn’t as impressive. About their parrot fish belly, we tried it once late at night and another time when they just opened and the taste was different. The Wok Hei wasn’t that distinct in the morning. Too many customers maybe? Or their wok wasn’t sufficiently heated up yet?


Parrot Fish Belly Congee
with liver and meatballs add on

🔸'Noodle set meal' $10.80 (choose mushroom in oyster sauce instead of parrot fish) comes with fried bean curd & white creamy sauce plus 1 drink (Chinese tea)🍶
Noodle is fine & springy with high plump mushroom. 🍄 Surely Mui Kee is a must try congee place as it surpass other congee places we tried so far! 👍

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Scallop, sliced parrot fish and sizzling kai lan (only available at night)

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Service is terrible. Always getting wrong orders. (Was always for the table behind ours) told to serve my shaved ice dessert together with my meals but was still withheld according to my receipt order. I believe I have gotten parrot fish slices instead of belly as there was alot of bones in mine whilst my friends had none. Did clarify with the staff who insisted it is belly as belly has bones too. Had to also keep reminding for the another bowl for my sister which is the noodles. No wok hei taste and very watery when served. Not the best congee I've had. Over-hyped. Not returning. Also, had some fish scales in my congee besides the each mouthful of small bones from the fish "belly"