Norwegian Salmon

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If you're looking for something healthy, and with taste not compromised, here's an option to consider!

Family Bundle (3-4 pax) $55
1x Chicken Breast (250g), 1x Smoked Duck (200g), 2x Salmon (130g)
Was really impressed that their chicken breast was nowhere near dry! Was pretty tender and really great with the sauces that came along with the bundle! Smoked duck was decent, although nothing much to shout about. Salmon was also pretty soft, and the meats here really pair well with the sauces.

Their proteins are all amazing, but my fav is their salmon ($10) which comes in a very generous portion albeit a bit more expensive. I tried their salmon belly ($12, pictured) this time n they torched it so it’s rly rly delish

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A tad pricey for what it is, but still a tasty and healthy meal! ($21.50)

A value for money meal.

Wagyu beef, salmon belly, unbelievably tender chicken breast β€” Wafuken makes eating clean a breeze with perfectly-executed proteins. Cold soba or furikake brown rice make for filling and tasty carbs.
Photo by Burppler Teo Wei

I ordered the salmon, chicken breast, konnyaku noodles, onsen egg and mushroom medley. It is $20.50 by itself but Super hearty and filling!! Plus if you use Burpple Beyond is it 1-for-1. Especially love the black pepper sauce paired with the tender and succulent chicken breast. Would go back again. The salmon was a bit uncooked in my opinion but still tastes good with the sauce.

Very pricy fish from wafuken.
Salmon $10) + Broccoli($2) + mushroom($3) + Roasted veggies($2) + Sesame salad($2)

Portion is small but food is tasty. The food was well cooked and seasoned well, like atas cai fan. Salmon was soft and juicy too. Might come again but it is expensive


You can customise your meal to go all proteins and no carbs at this jap-fusion place with all their meat prepared in sous vide style, which explains why the food is both healthy and delicious. But i wouldnt recommend you skip those yummy carbs completely bcos their cold soba and their donburi rice set goes well with your meat. Love the smoked duck and salmon, the steak is indoubtedly a popular choice and the chicken breast is amazingly good (made me look at chicken breasts in a different way).
They have newly opened their 2nd outlet at OUE Downtown Gallery #02-23, Mon-Fri: 12pm-8pm and Sat: 11am-3pm.

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