Tacos De Pescado

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Papi’s Tacos are touted by many to have the best tacos and I’m inclined to agree, from what little tacos I’ve had in Singapore. Their tacos de pescado ($13/2, $19/3) are ample proof of that.

The dory was lusciously soft from grilling, and the smoked chipotle alioli provided a punchy depth of flavour. That eye-catching mound of purple cabbage added both a freshness to the flavour profile as well as a crunchiness to layer over the fish.

Textures were eloquently conveyed, as the layers of fish and cabbage crunch were tied together by the soft and lightly chewy tortilla skin.

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I’d surely enjoy this more if the aioli wasn’t that spicy 🙂
💲: $13

Tacos de Asada (marinated steak) and Tacos de Pescado (grilled white dory) were our choices of the meal and they did not disappoint! Our preference was the grilled dory as it was fresh and meaty. The flavors also came through beautifully and complemented well with the hot sauces - could be stronger though. Last but not least, how can we forget the wonderful handmade corn tortillas that capped off a wonderful meal. The servings are small though.

Price: $13 each

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The star of this taco 🌮 was definitely the aioli, which was creamy spicy goodness. The dory fish was also soft and melted in your mouth. However, portion is a little small. Booked through eatigo which made it cheaper! #food #foodphotography #foodie #burpple #sgfoodies #singapore #foodporn #sgfood #foodsg #sg #sgfoodie #noms #nom #eats #sgeats #burpplesg #tacos #taco #fish #dory #mexican #mexicanfood #burrito #pescado

This was my favourite out of the four tacos we tried. The pronounced seasoning of the flaky fish was balanced by the fresh squeeze of lime juice and mild heat from the chipotle aioli wonderfully. Get three (each)!

Owned and operated by the same folks that manage Employees Only, this quaint 16 seater joint is only opened from 5pm.

A litmus taste for a taco joint is how they do their fish tacos ($13-19) and while small in portion, they made up for it with amaaazing flavor.

Crispy grilled white dory with a dreamy drizzle of smoked chipotle aioli on a soft flour tortilla checks off all the boxes for me. Slap on some of that purple cabbage slaw and slather on their home made salsa and it's lights out 🔥🔥🔥

Top-performing tacos from this snazzy new taqueria along Seah Street! The two-bite-sized tacos are laden with kinda small but beautiful, beautiful grilled white dory, fresh cabbage and smoked chipotle aioli. On its own, the taco is pretty tasty, but make sure you drizzle on some of that chipotle sauce and salsa verde for punchier flavours.

P.S. This portion probably won’t do it for one, so go with the set of three if you’re not ordering other tacos to try!