Braised Beef Cheeks

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The beef cheeks were very tender and was complemented well with a side of silky mashed potatoes, mushrooms were on the dry side but overall still a great dish. Short ribs pasta had a generous serving of beef as well as shredded cheese toppings. The red wine based sauce was very flavorful as well.

The mushrooms were really the star, cooked to perfection and that umami flavour really lifted and carried this dish.

While the beef was tender with perfect texture, I felt like it was sorely under seasoned. I tried moping up with sauce with it but it didn't do much for me. The mashed potatoes were good but that's it, nothing spectacular. I was expecting it to be creamier as previous reviews have raved about. I definitely have had better at other cafes at similar prices.

If you are into subtle flavours, this would be great for you. Otherwise, asking for some salt and pepper would probably do you some good.

Ambience is great, the interior is lovely. I came at 3pm on a weekday and it was empty and it's a great place to chill and hangout with friends.

Honestly, I've heard many good things about Eleven Strands and naturally my expectations were high. I was disappointed with my experience here not because the food was bad, but because it just didn't seem that great. Its quite pricey if not for burpple beyond. I might consider coming again but I don't think I would pay full price.

Good deal with Burpple 1for1. Meat was tender and with smooth mashed potatoes

I’ve been hearing raving reviews from several of my friends about this place, so I knew I had to try it for myself. I’m happy to say that this place didn’t disappoint and it was worth travelling for. The interior had a nice ambience as well. Both dishes that we ordered were good, and I would recommend the beef cheeks. I will likely return again to try the other mains!

Altogether, this dish is very tasty. The beef cheeks are very tender and pair very well with the mushrooms and the mash potato. The sauce brings all the flavours into a nice bland. A wholesome savoury meal!

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The red wine sauce is the main reason why you should get this.
Rich, robust and full of flavour, the sauce perfectly complements the other elements of this dish.
The smooth buttery texture of the mashed potatoes, along with the earthiness of the mushrooms.
The beef too nice and tender.

Liked it so much I came back one week later and ordered it again.

Mains were only from 12pm onwards - we got the braised beef cheeks and short ribs pasta! Both dishes were pretty good, and with generous portions. The braised beef was slightly salty and gamey on its own, but goes well with the mashed potatoes (which was smooth and buttery) and sautéed mushrooms! The short ribs pasta did not disappoint either - the short ribs were tender and deboned (👍🏻), along with the sauce which was generous and tasted of wine..? Will be back!

Decadent mash w flavourful stewed beef. Bacon gave an extra bite. Well worth a beyond redemption. Beef abit gamey tho

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A good dish! Despite the beef cheeks being in slices instead of the usual chunks, they were braised tender and flavourful. Love the mashed potatoes and mushrooms that accompanied it as well.

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Compared to the pasta dishes, the mains seem to have more value for money. These cheeks, unconventionally served sliced (instead of in chunky pieces) were delicious. Sweet and tender, paired with earthy mushrooms and creamy mash.