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Iberico Shoyu Ramen

$15.90 · 6 Reviews

Iberico meat wasn’t as tender or flavourful as expected but the soup was quite intense for me.

refreshing taste of saffron in the soup and noodles were just right.

Was really impressed with the Shoyu ramen I had at Konjiki Hototogisu at CHIJMES during their opening week, but was a little disappointed that this paled in comparison. While the Iberico cha shu was flavourful and tender, the broth didn’t boast the same intensity and robustness. Noodles didn’t had that good chewy bite and softened quite quickly through the bowl. This was topped with ginger, lemon slice, saffron and fried shallots.


Iberico Shoyu Ramen - $15.90
Shoyu flavour asari clam broth concocted with ginger. Topped with fried shallot provided additional flavour to the comforting soup. You won’t want to miss out the low temperature Iberico pork cha shu. Garnished with saffron, spring onions and lemon slices. I didn’t like that handmade noodles though
Konjiki Hototogisu

Michelin-starred Konjiki Hototogisu Ramen has opened a new outlet at Paragon! Come for the two dishes exclusive to this outlet – the Iberico Shoyu Ramen ($15.90) and Crab Ramen ($15.90). The former is a heartier option, with shoyu-flavoured asari clam broth topped with sous vide iberico cha shu and saffron. The latter is subtler with crab broth topped with sous vide cha shu, sour cream and a housemade crab and tomato paste.
Photo by Burppler Hungry Ghost

Iberico Shoyu Ramen
shoyu-flavoured asari clam broth, sous vide iberico cha shu, fried shallots, ginger, lemon slice, saffron

Delicious! The iberico cha shu was awesome.


Michelin one star Konjiki Hototogisu Ramen has opened a new outlet at Paragon and Chef Atsushi Yamamoto has created two new ramens exclusively for this outlet - Iberico Shoyu Ramen and Crab Ramen.

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