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Mentaiko Mac & Cheese

$20.50 · 19 Reviews

no gst & service tax here so pretty worth it :-) think it was 14 bucks! really yummy and the mentaiko flavour is quite strong

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Finished your morning yoga and it’s time for brunch?

You deserve this.

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Five Oars is a beautiful place to be at, anytime of the week. The clean, white and grey decor, accented by dark wood and plants culminates in a modern rustic aesthetic that is reminiscent of Aussie cafes.
I had an iced filter coffee made with beans from Kenya that was a fruity delight on a hot day. The coffee is definitely something to be back for.
When I scrolled through @burpple’s feed to decide on a dish, literally every other picture was of the mentaiko mac & cheese so we decided to give it a shot. It was a pleasant dish for brunch, with pasta cooked al dente, coated with layers of umami from the cheese, seafood and mentaiko. You’d be happy with it, but it’s not something I’d specially make my way and brave the short queue for. #burpple #fiveoarscoffeeroasters


Mentaiko Royale ($22)
Mentaiko Mac & Cheese ($21.50)

The Mentaiko Royale was a level up to the usual eggs salmon benedict. Nestled on top two slices of English muffins, pieces of pan-seared salmon, avocado, asparagus, free-range poached eggs and ebiko drizzled with mentaiko sauce made this a flavourful and savoury brunch. The poached eggs were wobbly and nicely done, and the crispy salmon skin as a finishing touch gave it an added crunch.

The hearty mac & cheese was filled with chunks of crab meat and prawns; and baked with cheddar and parmesan cheese that gave it a creamy texture. Covered with lightly charred mentaiko sauce and ebiko, every mouthful was packed with rich cheesy and unami goodness. A definite love! 😍

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Generous servings of Mentaiko sauce with chunks of crab meat and prawns coupled with Macaroni! This is one of the Signatures that should never be missed out! However I would suggest to share this so you can leave your stomach for more food!

You could even plan for the upcoming PH @ this pretty new and bustling minimalistic cafe 🤗
🍖 Breakfast Steak ($24) — Unanimous agreement that this was the best dish. Beef was juicy and generous, couldn’t conpile
🧀 Mentaiko Mac & Cheese ($20.50) — Second best dish that we’ve ordered! Wasn’t as jelat as we thought and we had best of both worlds, mentaiko and cheese 😋
🦀 Crab Benedict ($21) — Before I forget, gotta give credit to their eggs, most of the eggs were cooked to perfection!! Topped off with soft shell meat and crabmeat everywhere, perfect!
🍓🥑Strawberry Avocado ($18) — Creative dish if you are someone that likes to try something new, but slightly on the pricey side!
🍗 Chicken Rosti ($16.50) — Chicken was bland and was one of the worse dish we had, we would have preferred if its taste wasn’t as dull as it looks ☺️ Cafe Ambience: 4.5/5
Food Rating: 9/10
Expected Damage: $22 (exclusive of GST, no service charge)

The Mentaiko Mac & Cheese ($20.50) arrived full of umami flavour! Packed generously with crunchy prawns 🦐 , flavourful crab meat 🦀, and topped with a comfortable amount of tobiko, the different textures of every ingredient come together to an exciting party in your mouth 🎊

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Mentaiko Mac & Cheese ($21)
Crab Linguine ($19)
Pork Burger ($19)

The cafe has a very nice ambience and suitable for group of friends. We came on weekdays’ night so it wasn’t too crowded. My fav food is the Mentaiko Mac and Cheese: not too surfeiting and it has just the right amount of mentaiko.

Crab Linguine has so much crab to it and the sauce is not too sweet. Personally, i do not like sauce that is too sweet. Pork burger is normal but the meat is very soft and tender.

All their portions are relatively huge and prices are reasonable considering their location (no service charges🙌🏼) Worth to try if u pass by the area👌🏼

Ambience: 8/10
Food: 7/10
Total Damage: $20/pax


This was good at first, but became really jelat at the end sadly. There were prawn and crabmeat pieces inside which was really good (and different from most other mac & cheeses elsewhere)! Only order to share I guess, because it can be a little too heavy on the palate.