Mentaiko Mac & Cheese

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Amazing Mac & cheese - great cheese filling and generous prawns giving it a real kick in terms of Unami taste!!! Only con is that this was really small

Mentaiko mac & cheese + sriracha chicken eggs ben + lychee rose iced tea was delicious. Went on a Sunday at 1pm and the queue was about 30min-1h, so be prepared to wait if you're going on the weekend. On the bright side, you can go get a coffee at Stamping Ground while you wait!

Five Oars showcases exposed brick walls, warm lights and open spaces with no shortage of planters around at their East Coast location. Besides stellar coffee, Five Oars also has brunch plates that will put you in the perfect weekend mood! Their Mentaiko Mac & Cheese ($16) is a crowd favourite; a cheesy, umami bomb with bits of crab and prawn throughout. Another plate not to miss is their Crab Scramble ($23), housemade sourdough with a blanket of creamy scrambled eggs, topped with sweet crab meat, feta, ebiko and a kick of spice from the togarashi on top.
Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua

Went down to check out the new location and also try the Mentaiko Mac and Cheese. Definitely a bowl of happiness, was pretty happy from the very first spoonful :) Coffee was good. The Mains was so-so, but would definitely recommend the Mentaiko Mac & Cheese!

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It’s actually not bad - the mentaiko + cheese combo is tasty, and there are bits of crab & shrimp strewn all over so it’s not just / basic macaroni & cheese. It’s quite heavy on the palate tho - I shared this with 2 friends and it was still a little jelat!


It was so good I couldn’t capture a nice photo before my friends and I gobbled this up. (Please refer more pretty photos captured by the others!🤤)

$14 for such a savoury delight? I have no words💘

Tried it with my friends they all say it was one of the best Mac&cheese they have ever tried.
(It can be found under the tiny Sides section on the menu)

Haven’t had a cafe brunch in a long time! Lovely space here at Five Oars and we really enjoyed their food. This hearty Mentaiko Mac & Cheese is listed as a side on the menu, but works nicely as a main too. Mac was al dente and what we liked best was the cheese’s richness + the lightly charred layer of mentaiko sauce on top. They added in small chunks of prawns and roe as well which gave extra texture. Saw pictures of this mac as a main in the past and those look even better! Hope they’ll reintroduce that option in future.

Finished your morning yoga and it’s time for brunch?

You deserve this.

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Five Oars is a beautiful place to be at, anytime of the week. The clean, white and grey decor, accented by dark wood and plants culminates in a modern rustic aesthetic that is reminiscent of Aussie cafes.
I had an iced filter coffee made with beans from Kenya that was a fruity delight on a hot day. The coffee is definitely something to be back for.
When I scrolled through @burpple’s feed to decide on a dish, literally every other picture was of the mentaiko mac & cheese so we decided to give it a shot. It was a pleasant dish for brunch, with pasta cooked al dente, coated with layers of umami from the cheese, seafood and mentaiko. You’d be happy with it, but it’s not something I’d specially make my way and brave the short queue for. #burpple #fiveoarscoffeeroasters