Hey Margherita!

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The toppings were absolutely spot-on. I enjoyed the simplicity of the marinara, the mozzarella and the basil - but that’s where it ended. I don’t know if it was meant to be this way, but it felt like the middle of our pizza was undercooked - the dough tasted still raw? The crust was cooked perfectly though, so either it could’ve used a couple extra minutes in the fire OR I just know nothing about how pizza is meant to be done.

If it's a simple and fuss-free dinner you're looking for, keep this newbie in Happy Mansion in mind the next time you're craving a slice. Bring a couple of friends with you to enjoy the classic Hey Margherita! (RM22), which Burppler Kate MunYi enjoyed for its light and fluffy dough, coupled with the harmonious flavours from the sweet yet acidic passata, cheese and fresh basil. Meanwhile, the Pineapple Express (RM30) with smoked duck and jalapeno left Burppler Serena Ho very impressed with its surprising combo that works well. Pro tip: Check their Instagram account before heading down to see how many pizzas they have left for the night!
Photo by Burppler Rueann Dass

No brainer-order. Tomato, basil, mozzarella on a beautifully crisp crust. The size and thickness of these pies feel like a cross between NY and Neapolitan style, so big and thin but comes with a nice chew. In other words: less work on the jaw, but lots of ground to cover. I thought the balance of sweet, savoury and tangy flavours to be great too.

Past reviews seem to point out the overbaked crust and long waiting time, but it feels like they’ve worked out their teething issue. The crust on my pizzas were fine and I waited a mere 15 mins for service during a weekday lunch.


As the shop name described, they are specialized in pizza. Magarita is a traditional flavor of italian pizza. It is a must-have item when we talked about pizza. This is one of the better place for pizza. Dough was neither thin or thick. Using just tomato paste, cheese, and basil, it was the single pizza I keep falling in love with. Due to the popularity of this shop, their pizza dough normally sold out very soon. They are opened from lunch time, to avoid disappointment, don't reach later than 6.30pm. Price: RM28, Food: 9/10

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Pizza fever is everywhere in KL and PJ! You would find somewhere new mushrooming for pizza and people will flock there to get a taste of that mighty slice just like how they react with the latest fad of Boba! In the foodie place known as the Happy Mansion in PJ, you would find a quaint little pizzeria selling and churning home made and mighty fine slice of Pizza! The interior is really homey and comfortable but do bare in mind that you have to patiently wait for a table as those empty seats will be filled faster than they can bus those empty plates.. The menu is still relatively small but they have a mixture of those good ol’classics with the adventurous flavour combination that would intrigue you even more! So we actually tried 2 pizza flavours and they are in 12 inches.. We ordered the Margherita (RM26) which is a staple and classic go to flavour for any Italian pizzeria.. initially we were abit worried about how big will it turn out as we had experienced some that are quite filling but after a short wait; we finally get to meet that lovely queen of pizza and notice that they are actually thin crust pizza.. You can either opt to eat with your fingers or with cutleries but we opted for the former and ate it like how the Americans eat it.. The first bite of that pizza was heavenly! The dough was really light and it has that fluffy texture to it and it was enjoyable to eat it! The sauces wasn’t evenly distributed exactly but it was such a lovely pairing between the sweetness and the acidity of the passata, the mild creamy texture of the cheese and the beautiful aromatic fresh basil leaf being sprinkled on top of the slice! The combination was lovely just that we wished the cheese would have more punchier notes to compliment that passata.. Overall it was pure deliciousness in every bite and the cheese pull was there in every bite and it doesn’t make you feel bloated! So you will have room for another slice or even another order of pizza! They currently have craft beers ranging from RM25-30 but slowly they will integrate some wine glasses in the future or even some vino into the menu! They have some interesting sides like the Truffle Mac & Cheese which seems to be a crowd favourite.. A must try place!

PJ folks, spot this new neighbour in Happy Mansion firing up solid wood-fired pizzas! With its diner-esque vibes and good-for-sharing grub, this place is fitting for casual date nights. Stick to the classics and order the no-fail Hey Margherita! (RM26) with buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil. For the carnivore in the gang, get the Holy Pepperoni (RM30), topped with cured spicy beef, fresh onion rings, mozzarella and aged parmesan. The pizzas are yummy on their own, but also try them with the housemade basil and chilli oil that add a touch of freshness and heat to the pie.


Finally a pizza joint in the area that’s tasty and affordable! Can’t go wrong with a classic Margherita and the boys here do this one very well. Use your hands please as this one leaves stretchy cheese strings with every bite.

They serve the pizzas with an in-house chilli oil and a fragrant basil oil. Both are nice with the pizza but tbh you don’t need it unless you want a bit of heat.