Using only authentic recipes dating back to the '50s and '60s, this colonial cafΓ© lets you savour the taste of the past, while being surrounded by toys and knick knacks from days forgotten. For those who have always wondered what that era was like, and for those who miss the good old days, Dongpo is the place for you to reminisce and experience a way of life in the early days of Singapore.

56 Kandahar Street
Singapore 198904

08:00am - 08:00pm

08:00am - 08:00pm

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All thanks to Kelvin from Dong Po for his recommendation 😊
This pineapple pear jam could just be the best cny gifts 🎁 for your loved ones instead of the usual tarts and sweet cookies.

Rich in pineapple flavour with a slight tartness and a hint of perkiness from the ginger , this jam was unique in flavour and so delightful with just a plain toast and tea.

You can even use it on biscuits or scones or use it in place of applesauce for your baking 😊

Grab some today because there are limited quantities !

Happiness is simplicity

I love the concept and the sincerity of the bakes at Dong Po cafe - a cafe with such a rich history .

Just a classic marble cake washed down with a fragrant teh-o.

The Pandan coconut pound cake ( new on shelves) is really really good too. Just a light and fragrant natural Pandan flavour with coconut shreds adorning the cake.

Perfect cafe to sit back and watch the world go by πŸ˜‹

The almond pastry was kinda stiff and hard though. πŸ˜”

#melfclar #dongpocolonialcafe

Came for a coffee and some light snacks. The deco was retro and pleasant. They serve cakes, wanton new and cottage pies. We just need a cafe to chill for about an hour or so and it proves to be idea.

Lemon roll (2.2) was really lovable even tho it is dense.

Carrot cake (2.8) was decent, esp for its price

Bostock was crunchy but other than that doesnt live up to the hype. Do get the set for the kopi tho it's pretty good(3.5 for set)

Quite a variety of cakes all attractively priced

I love a good quiche anytime and this version from Dong po is pretty good . It is pretty old school and there's just this love and sincerity from the Chef that I feel that has gone into the quiche . At SGD 3.90, I can't complain much . The quiche would be even better if the pastry was more crusty . Having said that , the egginess and the generous slices of tomatoes and spinach ( and the price of course ) and the buttery flavour of the crust will still keep me coming back . Best eaten warm :)

Set F Bostock with Coffee: $3.50
Top right- Chocolate long cupcake: $1.60
Bottom right- Rum ball: $2.60

For the old school lovers and for thpse who loves to dip their cakes into their coffee or milo. A pity for the coffee wasnt very strong and rich enuff to compliment the cakes.
Chocolate long cupcake (dry sponge cake) is definitely meant for dip in the coffee-relatively dry to have it on its own.
Rum ball really has tint of alcohol in it (and my guess some peaut butter and coconut)
Bostock is a lover - crispy butter toast with butter flakes.

I wouldn't say they have the best snacks, but at least they have nice drinks and a chill ambience. They have various sets you can choose from anyway. 2 pastry + a Kopi/teh for $5. Kaya toast + eggs + Kopi/teh for $5 etc. Which is a great place to catch up with friends without putting a hole in the pocket! #burpplecheapngood

Sweet & buttery tart that was filled with raisin filling that wasn't overly sweet. Have this to share with your mates so you can order many other desserts from here!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„

Crunchy errthing, from the almond toppings to the layer beneath the nutty goodness! A lil too sweet for my liking πŸ˜„πŸ˜…

Here is a fine example of "cheap and good". Filled with spinach, egg, cheese and sliced tomatoes, the quiche tasted especially yummy after being warmed up. And although the crust was a bit soft, I still liked it for the buttery fragrance.

Rise & Shine 🌞 Hearty Breakfast wif local delights to start my day! - Kaya Butter Toast
- Softboiled Eggs
- Almond Finger
- Marble cake
- Kopi & Kopi O
πŸ“ Dong Po Colonial Cafe
56 Kandahar Street
Opens daily from 8am (Cash payment only)

β˜•οΈ I casually mentioned that we should have some coffee since its tea time (and I was quite tired from looking at kitchen basins & stoves w my mom for 2 hrsπŸ™Š) I was surprised she actually rmbed this place that I have brought them to before and she actually made the suggestion! ☺️(my mom never ever bothers to rmb eating places). A feel-good sensation when you realised your folks actually appreciate the hipster places you bring them to. Just a nice, retro cafe that is benchmarked between expensive hip youngster cafes and cheap old school coffee shops. #burpple #sgcafe #coffee #limkopi #dongpocolonial

In a cafe scene where retro is often synonymous with kitschy, Dong Po Colonial Cafe is a rare find. Furnished in rustic wood and with tables that showcase memorabilia reflecting old Singapore, the retro vibes feel genuine and not at all contrived. Nestled in the Kampong Glam enclave, this breezy, relaxed space is great for catching up with friends over traditional bakes like Almond Fingers ($1.90), Chicken Cornish Pie ($3.20) and a variety of sliced loaf cakes ($1.20). They also offer seven different toast and pastry sets (from $3.50). For something different try the Bostock ($3.50 with tea or coffee) β€” toast topped with frangipane, sliced almonds and icing sugar. Wash it down with the accompanying cup of teh or kopi. It's also a nice place to bring your parents to on a lazy weekend!

Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Peter Wong

I got to know this little quaint coffee place a year ago when I used to work around this place. And this time, I brought a friend along for breakfast. Food set was same old same old. What sets them apart from other cafes were the eclectic mix of butter cream cakes, cookies and scones, which I thought was really nice. I really like the Aloe Vera cake while many prefer the Lemon one. However, this time I was rather disappointed this time round as the staff kept clearing our plates each time we finished off something. Each meal to me, is something one should be able to enjoy. Having to have no one at the cafe, I felt that there wasnt a need to keep clearing our plates. There are many cafes to go to these days and what keeps customers coming back is your service and some smiles. So, put that good service back and oh, doesn't hurt to just give some smiles at the counter, coz it's morning!

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