[CLOSED] East 8, New York Fusion Tapas + Bar

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Being in the far east and serving Asian Fusion specialties, we capitalize East in our name. 8th Street is an area in lower Manhattan in New York City, where you find many diverse Asian restaurants. In addition, the number 8 means luck in most Asian cultures, hence, the inspiration behind the name East 8. East 8 builds a bridge from New York City to Singapore with our Asian Fusion cuisine. The East meets West inspired culinary experience takes Asian dining experience to the next level with a modern twist.

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Not too happy with the service standards here possibly because it's closing down and all, but their peanut butter lava cake was true to its reputation! It was crisp on the outside but chewy on the inside, oozing a delectable combination of rich chocolate and peanut butter. I urge you to try it out before its last day, you definitely won't regret it. Oh, and on the side their spiced fries had a sort of citrus-y zest to it which I liked too.


Foie Gras Flatbread ($24)
Seared foie gras chunks, mixed berries compote, melted Gruyere cheese, parsley on baked flatbread.
Available at @East8
Somehow it tasted more like a dessert with its sweet taste, covering the fatty, slight bitter taste of foie gras. |
East 8
Address : 10 Coleman Street, # 01-21/22 Grand Park City Hall, Singapore 179809
Tel : 6338 8289
Open :
Mon-Thu : 12pm-3pm, 5pm-11pm
Fri : 12pm-3pm, 5pm-12am
Sat : 6pm-12am
Note : Last day of operation : 23 Jan 2016. Currently having 1-for-1 cocktails promotion


You will gobble this chee cheong fun-esque delight like a famished cat - the thickly gooey, sweet and citrusy avocado pairs marvellously with the slickly marinated yellowfin tuna chunks, whilst elsewhere the sesame fragrance pops with more assertive allure than the obscenely grabby smell outside Knightsbridge. 4.5/5

Featuring Peanut Lava Chocolate Cake ($15++) that was super sweet. Luckily it was for sharing, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to finish it... 😔 #sugarrush
Happy hump day! 🙆🏻🙆🏻🙆🏻

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Whilst the prawns were undeniably happily pregnant, the matrimony between oily butter and citrusy tang may cause the conservatives to clutch their pearls, whilst the price tag ($19) would likely inspire a goldfish eye effect. 3.5/5


Marvellously scrumptious - the truffle component kept things as gentle as a hawker centre ceiling fan, whilst the delectably salty and plump mushroom fries' unshakeably high levels of water retention is to our benefit. 4.1/5