More Reviews at Eighteen Chefs (nex)

More Reviews of good food at Eighteen Chefs (nex)

got the student meal and switched the ice cream for the soup of the day for $1 but worth it! my go-to when i crave cheesy pasta at an affordable price! love the popcorn chicken too!

started with their soup of the day, i forgot what soup we had but its quite bland and watery. then this heart attack fried rice (which is their specialty) is tasteless! chicken is dry and tough.. lacking flavour too! (i requested to have the sambal ketchup sauce?? put aside and glad that i did) zzz the sauce on the most left i think is for the steak, is still alright. only thing that save the dinner was the chicken frank. $35.80 for this entire course.. throughout the meal i have been adding salt and pepper to my soup and rice, as well as dipping the chicken on different sauces..felt like i’m the one cooking the meal πŸ˜‚

The beef is prepared in rare. Not the best I tasted. But for $22.50 come with garlic bread, soup of the day and soft drink, not able to complaint. The presentation is good but taste is just average 2.5/5 🌟.


Cost: $24.90
Description: Fried Rice is in the middle, the chicken is at the left & the most right is beef(you can choose how cooked you one ur beef to be)
Overall, is a good choice to share with 2 person. Very filling & a must try!

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Haha no kidding. many staff there is a part timer, if they are getting paid 8$/hour imagine how much profit that is! They have about 8 service crew, 1 cashier and 3 chefs at the back from what I saw.
Price: $6.40 student meal
Food: Cheese Baked Rice, Tea, Ice Cream.

Good work on the cheese on the rice. Portion is about 70% stomach fullness. Kinda leave you wanting some more so that's where the sides come in

Hahaha lol the beef strips were tender and not too uncooked - I think medium well was good πŸ‘

Have a good Friday night peeps while I drown myself in essays and projects and hopefully not suffer a heart attack 😝😣

Medium well was a good doneness, not tough and slightly chewy. (: And props to the cheesy-as-usual baked rice! πŸ˜‹

Finally spent some good quality time with @wxinrong today yay, thank you for taking time out despite your busy weekend! Hehe happy belated birthday! πŸŽ‰β€


But the noodle flavour is not on point . Sadly . πŸ˜”πŸ€πŸ
Restaurant: Eighteenchefs🍴
Place: NEX (Serangoon)
Price: $13++πŸ’΅
Rate: 3.5 stars⭐️ / 5 stars⭐️

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Super cheesy, rich, and yummy!! πŸ˜‹ I love cheeeese (they need an emoji for that)! 🐭 #burpple
(On a side note, tried baking choc chip cookies today. Smth pretty simple but mine turned out meh πŸ˜• but well i have some guesses why.. heh)

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It's been forever since I've paid a visit to E18ghteen Chef's. This time I went with the create-your-own baked rice and picked out a spicy garlic sauce with prawns and seafood tucked under a thick blanket of cheese. It was AMAZING. I was half expecting it to be too rich, but it was just pleasantly heavy. They were generous on the prawns (8 in total), and the portion was not miserly overall. However, the fish nuggets were just average while the iced lemon tea was alright. Pricey? A little bit. Worth it? Hell yeah.


My umpteen times eating these whenever hubby brought me here. Affordable & the ice lemon tea is a fav too! ;)

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Used to frequent 18chefs @ Simei and Yishun when i was younger. Now their menu is way more extensive and pls pls pls try their customised baked rice/pasta. U can choose ur own filling! Food is served fast and i am still in love with this place after sooo many years. Verdict : 4.5/5


Aglio olio with grilled chicken topped with mushroom sauce. Huge serving at $12.80+. The chicken is juicy with crispy skin.

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Together with Ice Lemon Tea and a scoop of the Ice Cream of the day, this is a value meal that I remembered going for even when I was a secondary school student since it's affordable! In this bowl, I got cheese baked rice with tangy tomatoes and chicken sausage. Honestly I would not say the rice is fantastic, just a passable. But hey, for the value it is quite cheap for a reastaurant! Brings back memories πŸ‘

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Lovin' the generous fragrant shredded dried cuttlefish in 老著's dry bak kut teh. #yummy!

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