106 Jalan Jurong Kechil
Singapore 598604

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10:00am - 09:00pm

10:00am - 09:00pm

10:00am - 09:00pm

09:00am - 09:00pm

09:00am - 09:00pm

10:00am - 09:00pm


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From the Burpple community

In picture: halibut burger, beef schnitzel! First time seeing these dishes and they did not disappoint. The beef schnitzel was cooked medium and had a crisp exterior without tasting overly oily. The sweet potato fries were a great pairing with the fish burger! 10/10 will visit again :D

My first visit here and it was much better than I expected☺️ prices are really decent for the quality. In picture: Chicken Parmigiana and DIY breakfast, Barista’s Breakfast (a latte and espresso with their Paradise blend). Enjoyed the food there and really great service too!

The journey in the title refers to me on my journey to find a cafe in Singapore to restore my hope in our local cafe scene. There were some hits and misses and some neutral ground like the regular potato fries and cheese sticks. The flagwhite beef burger did not have a strong beefy flavour and was dry with just the flavour and aroma of the bacon. Misses for me was the halibut burger which I am willing to bet that the halibut was frozen and the sauce on the burger was too spicy to enjoy. Also the iced chai latte that I had was too watered down by the milk. It felt I was drinking milk and imagining the chai. But the hit for me though was the sweet potato fries! Way better than regular sweet potato fries out there and I might wager that they made it themselves from scratch. Also the coffee was good! If I return in the future, I would give the burgers a miss and try their “knife and fork” menu items. Overall, 6.5/10 for me. Might return if I’m in the area.

[ Food Review — Trying more menu items! ] Before the no dine-in restrictions, a certain someone and I managed to squeeze in a visit to Flagwhite to grab some café food for dinner. (Like we said, we thoroughly enjoy the perks of being adults!)

Because we — by we, I really mean I — tend to get the same menu item 9 out of 10 times whenever I’m dining in a familiar spot, I tried r e a l l y hard to deviate from my comfort zone, and ended up getting their Baked Halibut Burger (w/ tater tots instead of fries; w/o grilled capsicum) ($16), while a peckish certain someone ordered the Beef Schnitzel (also w/ tater tots instead of fries) ($18).

Caveat: I tend to be really picky with my burgers, preferring to either subsist super budget versions or swinging to the other extreme of the spectrum by choosing gourmet options. It’s rare for me to get burgers in-between because after eating more than my fair share of burgers — most of them just do n o t justify the price point (and calories).

What I like about Flagwhite is that they do not hold back on portion sizes for their mains. While I was pretty filled up on my meal and it wasn’t bad — finishing the tater tots was quite the challenge — I’d hoped for a little larger a fillet patty. I wouldn’t have minded paying a couple of dollars more; the extra halibut would’ve helped balance out the thick tufts of aged onion jam. That said, the buns were fluffy and the jam had good flavour, but alas, the tater tots were a tad too oily this time round.

A certain someone’s schnitzel on the other hand, did not disappoint. The schnitzel was pretty decently sized without much — if any really — tendons or other similarly annoying tough/dry bits. The meat was pretty trim as well — always a plus point! Here’s something else that Flagwhite does well: They know how to season their crumb coat. Too many places don’t consider how a bland outer cover completely ruins any flavour within, but not here! The layer is thin too, which means you get the full benefit of the coat’s texture and its slightly sweeter profile, both of which complement the beef’s innate savouriness. Would defo get this again!

[ Café Revisit – Brunch food at night = peak adulting ] It’s approaching the end of the week, which means it’s time to indulge myself — by eating brunch/café food at night! (It’s s o much more satisfying than having it during the day, heh.)

Usually I’d get FW’s DIY brunch — for the curious, here’s my usual mix: brioche ($3) + shrooms ($3) + salmon ($4), with the occasional streaky bacon ($4) or scrambled eggs ($4) — but since I had an immense and late lunch today, I figured no better time to finally try a side I’ve been putting off for literal years: Curly fries ($6).

On the other hand, C^2 was ravenous, so she ended up getting what is imo one of the best items to get here: Panko Breaded Fish & Chips ($14). Here’s the thing — I can’t and don’t eat fish and chips. Dislike it immensely to the point of having strong reactions when tasting most. (Key being most.) But that doesn’t mean I’ll snub value when it’s in front of me, especially when it’s both economical and delish!

The main draw of FW’s fish and chips to me is simple: It’s huge. More often than not, you’re presented with a plate that’s actually dominated by the fish fillet; if you’re lucky, you’ll net one that even curls over the edges mid-dance, a testament to not only the size, but also how crisp the batter is. Add on the sides, and this will fill even the most ravenous of my dining partners! Oh, did I mention the batter is thin and light; a craggy exterior that works more like a skin than a full on layer that retains the fish’s succulence within? Yum!

Alas, that fish dish ain’t for me. As a functioning and responsible adult, I decided a basket of salty curly fries and two bottles of kombucha would suffice as my meal for the night! (No regrets; I’m more than satiated!)

Since I normally get their tater tots instead, I’m super glad I got these today. Turns out I actually prefer them! Instead of just rolling around tiny bullets of rough potato pops in your mouth — the texture gets old quick – you can enjoy the hard-soft duality of the fries, which no surprise, holds sauces better as well. (Yes, it comes with a dip, but ask for chilli sauce instead; you can thank C^2 for the tip!)

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My go-to place for my coffee runs, highly recommend getting the double shot Flat White if you like your coffees strong and nutty! 💙