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It was more of a syrup kind of yoghurt drink, was unfortunately too sweet for our liking!


Gong Bao Monkey Head Mushroom with Rice and fried egg [$7.50]. I loved the texture of the monkey head mushroom - the softness and firmness had just the right balance, though the gong bao flavour was a little salty. The portion was very generous and worth the price. Most of the main/single-portion dishes are priced between $4.50-$5.50. There are also Zi Char dishes for sharing. This place is great for vegetarians looking for affordable food!

Started my meal with excitetment but ended it with disappointment. Indeed, the variety of side dishes(free flow) is what I'm here for! But.. Sadly, none of them was my favorites(because All were mediocre or even worst than that). The seafood soup pratically just tasted of MSG with slight sweetness of the sea and it's served with 1 LARGE prawn, mushy crab and generous amount of clams. Could it be I made a wrong choice in my selection of menu?! 馃馃馃


Bought these S$2 each at @TheSignaturePatisserie (usually Wednesday but tomorrow is holiday so opens today) pop-out at Metropolis, right after Buona Vista MRT exit D.
Tried Cream Cheese Muffin and Butter Cake which were both so soft and moist.


We wanted to go to Kim鈥檚 Family Restaurant but unfortunately they are close on the first and third Monday of the month. So we went to the next available Korean place, Woorinara! I was totally not expecting Somaek (A shot of soju mixed with a glass of beer) but well, it鈥檚 Monday, we do need some beer 馃槄 and some food to go along with. Kimchi soup is quite thick and has a strong kimchi flavours, very authentic. Grilled pork collars and beef, quite decent. Honestly, we got too carried away with the chit chat and drinking to cook the meat well. Seafood pancake, it is nice! It is not too thick and they are very generous with the amount of seafood that is spread out on the pancake. So delicious! And last but not least, steam egg. A homely flavour that is almost like a must have when you dine in Korean places, likewise their well selection of 9 side dishes. All is good. Drew a perfect end to a not-so-perfect Monday. Keep us hwaiting for the week! #burpplefood #burpple #burpplesg #sgkoreanfood #lorongkilat #woorinara #mondayblue #somaek #koreanrestaurant #seafoodpancake #kimchijigae #kimchichigae #feedmefood2018

Do you know that we also have that in Singapore? .
Housed in the Bukit Timah area, Ajiya is a humble japanese restaurant opened by a Singaporean but serving homely japanese cuisine. I was impressed by their century egg kani tofu ($6) which has the best of every world. Their teppanyaki kurobuta pork is grilled to perfection, where you can customise it according to your tolerance for salt and oil. Enhance your meal experience further with the hands-on opportunities. Thanks for bringing me back to Osaka, Ajiya Okonomiyaki! They鈥檇 be celebrating their 2nd year anniversary this coming September so do look out for their upcoming promotions! .
Can you make a guess what I drew?
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Kaya Vodka Ice Cream with Butterscotch Toast topped with Crispy NESTUM庐 Flakes

Eggs benedict (spot that flowy yolk) with salmon atop a buttery crisp croissant muffin.
The usual suspect done right in this cafe decked out in what may seem like random vintage items lying around, but really these are for sale. The house-churned bakes are another thing to try - already eyeing the lavender cruffin for the next time...
Great spot to chill and focus for the weekend, with the WiFi and plugs. #carpenterandcook #eggsbenedict #herpenandfork #sgblogger #sgfoodie #8dayseat #burpple #vscofood #openricesg #cafehoppingsg #instafood #instafood_sg #onthetable #stfoodtrending

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Decent coffee 鈽曪笍
Nice place to chill on the weekends not overly crowded with so-so service. The cashier told me to slow down my order after only saying 2 things.... (I think she was probably new)
Nonetheless, join as a member anyway to collect points and enjoy discounts on your next visit (just remind them that you鈥檙e a member and that you want to use the discount when paying)

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Their hotcakes are weekend special. Sligjtly sweetened on its own, texture pretty much is like their gula malaka one. this one comes with brulwed banana, chocolate sauce, crumbs, and marshmallow. Only down side is the marshmallow that idk.... it just clumped together., really sticky and somewhat hard, other than that i enjoyed it 4.5/5

One of their hotcaky fluffy muffin. This one is chocolate (?) Muffin, the whitish part is the cream cheese that i thought would be molten. Well it did not, but was still pretty tasty