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Came here for lunch on a Saturday. Ordered a breakfast burger, a spinach and mushroom carbonara,1 minty honey lemon tea, 1 iced tea and a burnt cheesecake.
They were pretty generous with the portion. I liked the breakfast burger very much. The burger was made up of a brioche where the filling was scrambled egg, sausages, turkey bacon and avocado. It was served with a Side - tater tots. As you bite into the burger, the fluffy scrambled eggs will ooze out or at times the avocado. Every bite into the burger is full of goodness! A pity the did not provide some sauces the tater tots would have gone well with some ketchup or Chili sauce.

The iced tea was not that great as it tasted bitter. Likely the server had let the tea steeped too long in the water. Minty honey lemon was not bad. Apparently, the ice needed to melt a little for the drink to taste good.
As for the burnt cheesecake, hmmm it was alright.

Ambience of the cafe/restaurant was nice. We could spend sometime eating and chatting without having to shout to each other to be heard.

An unexpected find!! The coffee here is superb. Their beans are supplied by Dutch Colony, with a choice between Brazilian and Ethiopian. Opted for the darker roast and both drinks had a clean strong flavour. Wished the flat white ($5) came a little hotter but otherwise it was massive and very well rounded! Iced black ($5.50) is pricey but a popular choice.

Revelry used to be my go-to joint for quality coffee! They use a double ristretto for each cup, rather than a single espresso shot. My most recent flat white ($5) fell a little short of expectations - it was a little too acidic and thin.

Ordered a double scoop ($7.60 + $1 per premium flavour) on a waffle bowl ($1) - didn’t like these flavours as much. The houjicha was a tad too sweet, albeit smokey and rich. The dark forest tasted like Meiji chocolate milk with some bites of chocolate cake and pieces of cherries - no hint of brandy at all and certainly not worth the premium!

Never quite liked the Salted Caramel at Thomson, but decided to give this new outlet a try. Was very very pleasantly surprised at how decadent their ice cream is now! Opted for a double scoop ($7.60 + $1 per premium flavour) on a waffle bowl ($1). The rum & raisin packs the heat of alcohol but rounds it off nicely with juicy sweetness. The pistachio is rich and creamy, with large chunks of nuts folded within!

Good place to go for desserts. Crispy and light waffle + it was perfect with the ice cream & caramelised bananas. + good ambience with nice decor and cute menu.

lovely fudgy brownie with lemon cheesecake ice cream and waffles with a single scoop of kaya toast ice cream chose the wrong flavours to pair but each item was yummy individually. except the waffle which didn’t have much taste

My go-to place for my coffee runs, highly recommend getting the double shot Flat White if you like your coffees strong and nutty! 💙

Double scoop ($7.60)
⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️
🍴Yes, I’m slow to the game but #saltedcaramelsg might be among my favourite ice cream spots. They offer a whole range and we went with unique offerings of lemon cheesecake and kaya toast. To our amazement, they tasted highly similar to their description with the former having a nice sour balance from the lemon and creaminess of a cheesecake. The latter reminded us of yakun kaya toast with its pandan gula fragrance and even had a bit of a toast-like crumby sort of texture which made the flavour more believable. We are already planning to return to try their delicious ice cream of a whole range of flavours!
📍@saltedcaramel.sg, 01-08, 17 Lorong Kilat, Singapore (other outlet at 246F Upper Thompson Road)

Ordered the *homemade* chai latte and we seemed to have gotten warm milk instead.

Passionfruit Mango Sorbet & Black Sesame Ice Cream 🍦 Salted Caramel is finally at the west! So happy that I no longer need to travel to Thomson for it 😂 Ordered the double scoop ice cream but I guess it's a wrong combination of flavours. Nevertheless the ice cream are good, especially the black sesame! It tasted like the cold version of black sesame paste, super rich! The passionfruit mango is a little too sweet (not really my kind of thing) but it's refreshing. These two #myheartapprove hehe!
🤑: SGD 7.60 for double scoop
👅: 3.5/5

I’m not a fan of the pastas here, but Revelry can be pretty decent if you order the right thing. The earl grey lavender cake and latte was one of them. Cake was surprisingly moist and the coffee was good!