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Crafting their Cafe Logo into their coffee. WOW.
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It is a fun experience! I get to cook the Okonomiyaki on my own! However I was not amazed by the taste so I didn’t return. Ordered the Mentaiko scallops and it was good. I might return again if I feel like eating Okonomiyaki again.

Was on a run and was passing by, when I noticed FlagWhite. I had heard about this cafe so decided to give it a go. And since just had completed a run didn’t want to have anything heavy. So went for a healthier choice, Avocado banana smoothie. It was a blend of avocado, banana, oatmilk and agave. It instantly gave me that extra boost and thereafter I went to complete another run. The sweetness could have been a tidbit higher.

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Sigh 🥴

Galbi Jjim ($40++) meat smelled stale.
Pa Jeon ($14++) most tasteless pa jeon we've ever eaten.
Mul Naengmyun ($14++) too sour.

Sigh 😵

Love the beef bulgogi soup (not in pic) & kimchi pancake! Oh and they are very generous with their side dishes too 👍🏻 #Korean #Burpple #kimsfamilyrestaurant

Back for the coffee and the cheesecake again! Just resembles the Le Tao double fromage cheesecake (with cream cheese and mascarpone cheese layers!)..

This was just pretty standard brunch fare, scrambled eggs were a little too runny for my liking.

What a lovely cup of joe - comforting cup that was well balanced. Caramel nutty goodness + light fruity.

loved the vintage singaporean decor so much! we had an assortment of tarts.

1. sea-salt caramel chocolate tart (big one) - it tasted exactly like its name 😂 was good!
2. mini banoffee (basically chocolate & banana with cream), lemon cream, mixed berries & sea-salt chocolate tart. they also tasted like their name LOL but the tart base was buttery & crispy enough, & the fillings werent too sweet which made for a light & satisfactory dessert.

through our journey of finding this place, we discovered so many restaurants/cafés along this stretch that looked so good/were quite well-known & there was even an okonomiyaki restaurant beside the café flag white :o we were so shook & can’t wait to eat there again (๑>◡

It's the weekday teatime set at Revelry.