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Went at lunch time and had to wait 30min for a seat. If you do not want to risk having a poor time at lunch with mediocre food and poor service, I suggest not to patron :)

A refreshing bowl of cold noodles for singapore weather! But I think it’s more of a sharing bowl than a individual bowl. It taste a bit sour because of the kimchi thus it’s a good dish to open up your appetite.

It might sound basic but the soup is delicious with flavours. We even added extra noodles! 1 of the good army stew I’ve had.

had the army stew - L ($38), seafood pancake ($16), boneless cheesy fried chicken ($21?).

seafood pancake is better than many i have eaten elsewhere, yes abit oily but still v good (my friends all felt that it was good too)! slightly smaller than the usual huge ass pancakes and hence also cheaper. the army stew had a kimchi soup base, wasnt salty too. had sausages, spam, fishcakes, kimchi, ramen and cheese (pretty basic). not bad.
the chicken was pretty good with the cheese but u gotta eat it fast cus the cheese solidified pretty quickly~ might be better if served on a sizzling grill plate?

this restaurant was q smokey kinda hurt my eyes but my friends werent rly affected.... and kinda wish the staff was more attentive - they were not crowded but we had to try to get their attention a few times. banchan was better in variety but the taste wise was just o k a y only.

overall the meal was pretty not bad, portion wise.... you would feel PRETTY full if you are not a big eater HAHA

The flat white ($5.20) is a little on the thin side, but the flavour is extremely robust. It has a good caffeine kick of a dark roast profile!

The large passionfruit meringue tart is always sold out by mid day, so we settled for a slice of their lemon meringue cake ($8)! This was surprisingly delightful, with lemon curd layered in between vanilla sponge and topped with torched meringue. Would have liked the lemon curd to be a tad more tart, but I really enjoyed this!

Had to wait ~ 20 min to get a seat on a weekend afternoon! Thought we’d try something different by getting one of their savoury pastries. The ham & cheese croissant ($6.50) looks rather underwhelming, but it maintained a crisp exterior. The inside seems denser than their plain croissants, which is a pity as the buttery layers were not appreciable. The melted cheese ties the ham in nicely!

sorry for the framing heh came to practice my photography and test out my camera for the first time LOL. the chocolate here tastes really special — rly had super strong notes of wine and it’s not rlly up my alley hahaha an acquired taste

consists of salad leaves, cherry tomato, candied walnuts, cranberries, pine nuts, avocado and bacon bits. yummy but it’s q pricey for $15~ nothing special

didn’t disappoint! :”) think it was ~$15 iirc!

love how cozy this cafe is! and how friendly the staff is heh

Exactly as you would expect. Decent execution but nothing crazy. Slightly overhyped, unless most muffins aren't as good

Not bad, the texture was above average and goes well w the dessicated coconut. Pandan flavour was slightly muted and gula melaka was near undetectable. Still rather enjoyable, but the production cost of this is probably quite low seeing how u can get a slice of butter cake at 2bucks.