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From the Burpple community

Chewy yet gigantic. It is really flavorful. Came on two occasions because it was closed on our first attempt to the mall (is a small shop located inside the Thai Supermarket)

Highly recommended were Duck Noodle ($7) and Beef Noodle ($6). I tried the beef and indeed the broth was sweetly tasty (in which I added lots of my favorite crushed peanuts) and the beef slices & beef balls were tender. Not bad la! Just that this authentic Thai dish was typically served lukewarm whereas I always prefer my soup dish to be served with ‘steam’ 😄

Their satay was so good we ordered another plate before leaving! Heard the building is gonna enbloc soon thought, do give it a try before it goes under renovation. #burpple

Went exploring golden mile complex and chanced upon this thai style fried banana outside the supermarket, its 6-7 pieces for $2?? The thin sliced bananas are fried with coconut batter and its so crunchy, sinful yet so worth it. I would recommend trying this even though i dont really eat fried snacks!



Ordered the less spicy version - it's deliciously amazing! The half boiled egg made the noodles really creamy, and with the Tom yum paste ... You have somewhat a Thai version of carbonara ! I will be back for more!


Have seen these at Ho Chi Minh City at one of the coffeehouse.. Coffee lovers who love bitter coffee can try this out!!! The fun of it? Waiting and seeing the drip of the coffee :)