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Grain is an online restaurant that leverages data and a tech-enabled distribution network to serve food to customers


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The play on textures and flavours was such an enjoyable treat that if one fine day you feel like switching out from the meat protein, this can be the alternative. The contemporary twist in this bento is that the team replaces the regular tea soup with a dang gui broth and added chye poh with an assortment of vegetables, mushrooms and nuts into it. If the other thunder tea rice outside are anything like this, I will order it without hesitation. To modernise it further, Grain uses a mixture of black and brown rice as the base with a hanjuku egg for that added nutrients. Another of their new launch is the Sweet ‘n’ Smoky Barbecued Chicken ($12.95) that has flavours influenced from the American Southwest with hints of barbecued sauce on the chicken, side of pico de gallo that is a popular Mexican salsa over a bed of Cajun-spiced brown rice.
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Locally, we all love our laksa, hokkien mee, chilli crab and chicken dish, each a national icon to our food scene. For this launch, Grain has infused these flavours and created three bento boxes and you can get them individually or the Singapore Food Trail Bundle ($35.95) which comes with all three sets.

Combining both the hawker dishes of laksa and hokkien mee which gave birth to the Seafood Laksa Hokkien Mee ($13.95), a fusion noodle dish that contains each dish’s necessary elements, with the squid and prawns from hokkien mee and tofu puffs from laksa that soaks up all the broth goodness. To up the ante further, baby scallops are added to give it that additional luxury, and you will also get a side of sambal belacan to mix in. For the Chunky Crunchy Chilli Crab ($13.95), this pays homage to our chilli crab and this time round, soft-shell crab is battered and deep fried, served with buttery brioche to replace the fried mantou and a side of crab meat chilli dip. Another different aspect of this dish is that the chilli dip is not too spicy so that everyone of all ages can enjoy it.

Last but not least, our Hainanese chicken rice has been reinvented into Grain’s version with the Hainanese Sous Vide Chicken Rice ($11.95) and as the name suggest, the chicken thigh has been sous vide and served on a bed of black and white rice with a soft-boiled egg. There is also the quintennial condiments of chilli sauce, dark soya sauce and ginger sauce that are served separately.
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💕The juicy Hainanese Sous Vide Chicken paired with a fragrant black and white rice and hanjuku egg.
Served with ginger and chilli sauce to give this dish the right amount of kick.
💕 Crispy soft shell crab served in a chilli sauce full of crab meat and the buttery brioche.
The sauce not too spicy, great for those who love this hearty dish but can’t take the heat.
💕Seafood Laksa Hokkien Mee (my favourite) has the fragrance from laksa spices, and the wok hei from Hokkien mee.
Served with squid, prawns and baby scallops, then topped with mini beancurd puffs.
💰$35.95 for Singapore Food Trail Bundle.

For place order can visit www.grain.com.sg/eat

📍Grain Singapore.
5 Burn Road.

It served with a small cup of ginseng tie guan yin broth. Includes - round cabbage, egg, tau kwa, long beans, shiitake mushroom, black rice, brown rice, Chye Poh, shallot, garlic, peanut, celery, barley, chive, spring onion, basil, goji berry and sesame oil.

(S$10.95 - exclude delivery charges)

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Salmon is sous-vide for a snooty and buttery texture, with hickory pink tomato sauce and charred broccoli.

(S$16.95 - Delivery)

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Feast healthily and happily with @graincomsg Christmas Menu!
Love how their food is savoury with unconventional blend of ingredients, delicious and also healthy tasting!
Featuring Christmas spice rice with pomegranate, angel hair, fusili pasta dish, creamy dory fish and baked chicken!.
Happy Christmas Season everyone! 🎄🎉.