[CLOSED] Ji De Chi Dessert (Liang Seah Court)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * θ¨˜εΎ—εƒ Ji De Chi serves delicious and comforting desserts complementing your meal. New and innovative creations to promote good taste and satisfaction for customers is always what Ji De Chi is aiming for.

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From the Burpple community

Good for late night supper, dessert/snack after dinner! That whole stretch has plenty of good food 😍

I was pleasantly surprised by the mango shaved ice as it was not overly sweet or artificial-tasting as I had expected. The ζ±€εœ† were yummy too!

Not a big fan of durian in other forms, prefer the original durian. But this was rather decent.

Can never go wrong with this!
Sweet mango and passion fruit snow ice. Mango was a tad sour but otherwise okay. The dumplings were tasteless so matched with the snow ice.

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Ordered their Durian Snow Ice & Honeydew Snow Ice for $7.90 each.

The Honeydew Snow Ice uses the actual Watermelon and Honeydew fruits cut into cube size which is good to refresh / cleanse throat.

The paste in Durian Snow Ice taste weird today as it is not creamy than usual. There is tracts of the seed still in the paste which can be unappealing.

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Remember to eat your desserts after your meal. A luscious mix of coconut milk snowy ice, gula melaka, green worms, and red beans. Dee-licious.

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