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6001 Beach Road
#B1-56 Golden Mile Tower
Singapore 199589

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11:30am - 08:30pm

11:30am - 08:30pm

11:30am - 08:30pm

11:30am - 08:30pm

11:30am - 08:30pm

12:00pm - 08:30pm


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From the Burpple community

Egg Fried Rice with Pork Cutlet $6.50

Waited for around 30 mins for my food during weekday lunch period and there wasn’t even a large crowd. Nonetheless, quality of fried rice was so good, fragrant and not too oily. Well balance amount of egg and green onions. Pork cutlet was juicy and flavourful despite looking a bit dry. Also, love their chilli which gave the finishing kick to the fried rice. Can’t help but say this is so good even it was such a long wait. Will be back for this, maybe when I have more free time on my hands.

Service here takes quite long as they cook only after orders have been taken. I was thankful to have been 5th in line just as the shop opened but service still took about 20min. When I was there, only XO fried rice & egg fried rice was available and only some of their toppings were available, hence do not travel down expecting to try all their dishes.

Egg Fried Rice + Pork Cutlet ($6.50)
Short-grain rice was mixed with onions, spring onions, egg before being topped off with pork cutlet.
Personally, the highlight of the dish would be the fried rice which was very fragrant, aromatic and with strong 'wok-hei' flavour. I love the fact that they used short-grain rice as well.
Chili paste given is very spicy and fragrant; Slightly sweet at the start and very umami throughout. Definitely gives an additional depth of flavour to the dish but the dish is good without.
The pork chop was very meaty, lean and tender. It had lots of flavour and was not overly saltish/seasoned. The meat at the end of my pork chop had a layer of fat as well, making it even more tender.
Overall, the entire dish is sinfully delicious and I could definitely eat at least 2 servings of this for lunch. Just note that this fried rice is really oily and while adding the chili paste provides more flavour to the rice, it can get overly oily.
Price: 6.5/10
Taste: 9/10
Overall: 7/10 (Will eat this again if in the area but will not make a detour for this)

$6.80 XO Egg Fried Rice with Pork Chop
$6.50 Egg Fried Rice with Pork Chop
* No GST and service charge *

Definitely wasn't expecting this long a wait on a weekday at 3PM.
Reason? It all started with the guy taking orders. He gave us a number tag different from the order number he written down in their system. It was off-peak hours and we were the 3rd group of customers. Those before us received their fried rice. And then the many groups after us all got theirs too. Our order number never got called.

When we enquired at the counter, another guy asked for our order tag, looked at their order sheet, and then nonchalantly said they must have gotten our order number wrong. I informed him we had ordered 25 mins ago, long before the other groups arrived. There was no apology. Just a shrug.

- Objectively speaking, yes the fried rice, the fried rice, the chilli were all good. Really good. On par or maybe even better than DTF.

WILL WE RETURN? No, because of the bad service recovery.

Taiwanese/Chinese style. I thought they're set up to be lame, but to thrive with one dish, they proved they're fine. Both rice and meat were commendable. The meat especially was juicy and tasty, not easy with pork chops. Chilli is unpictured but one of the best around.

The egg fried rice is perfectly fried with the grains still maintaining its fluffiness. It’s packed with wok hei and fragrant aroma from the eggs. The highlight of the dish is the pork chop. It’s surprisingly tender and well-marinated. Definitely worth the calories!

Nestled in the basement of Golden Mile Tower is this rather tasty Ding Tai Feng-like fried rice. The rice grains were fluffy and they were quite generous with the portion of eggs. They have different protein options, which include the pork chop and shrimps, as well as different variants of fried rice, including egg fried rice, XO fried rice, mala fried rice, and tomyum fried rice. The latter two options weren’t available when we were there though. You can also add on various toppings for $1, but only tobiko was available when we were there too.

Of the two proteins, I thought that the pork chop was much more worth it. The pork is charred on the outside and quite well seasoned. Better than DTF’s rendition in my opinion. In comparison, the prawns weren’t as tasty and there was only 6 of them, so you don’t get as much as the pork. The tobiko add on was a good choice though, because it adds a nice salty crunch and it’s fun popping them as you eat.

That said, we waited a whopping 1 hour for our fried rice although there were only 8 parties in front of us. Seeing as how only 2 plates came out every 10 mins or so, I’m not sure if I could justify such a waiting time haha. (We went on a Saturday afternoon at about half an hour after they opened.) I know they’re a small shop, but it felt terribly inefficient to me. Honestly, would rather pay more to not wait for such a long time. Worth a try if there’s no queue though.