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Reviews of good food at Làng Nuöng Việt Nam

Tall people be warned, you're gonna have a tough time eating here for their tables and chairs are only at knee-level (even a short person like me found it uncomfortable). However, these are all in place to mimic a typical eatery in the streets of Vietnam so just bear with it and sink in to an authentic atmosphere.

The BBQ meat platter ($39.90 for 2 pax and $69.90 for 4 pax) is highly recommended for the generous amount of fresh and well-marinated meats (prawns, baby squid, pork belly, pork collar, and chicken). It also comes with a 'vegetable' platter consisting of sausages, crabstick, mushrooms, lady fingers and corn. If these are insufficient, top up with more items from their ala-carte menu, of which I gotten a huge slab of dory fillet at $11.90. You're then given a small pot of charcoal and grill to barbecue your food, and 2 dipping sauces which went extremely well with the meats. The fresh spring rolls (4 for $6.90 and 6 for $8.90), while loaded with ingredients, weren't so great as they had a slightly hard and dry skin. However, the hoisin-like sauce mixed in with grated peanuts that came with it was excellent.

Looking for some authentic Vietnamese Pho? Try this place at 18 Foch Road. Broth is amazingly delicious and the ice coffee is rich with its Vietnamese coffee bean aroma and taste.

Bonus: get to earn up to about 28% travel rebates here.

Super tasty BBQ meats (but their skewers are far more worth it) and you can choose to buy in a platter or buy it ala-carte. Each skewers costs a dollar plus I think and look at that amount of meat! Eat it together with their white colored sauce too (which is quite minty idk). And their pho is awesome and cheap as well!!

We ordered the meat platter but was alil disappointing. But, I love the enoki mushroom w corn wrapped in aluminium! Surely a different kind of experience, but we still prefer Mookata. 🙊🙈 #burpple #singaporeinsiders #eatoutsg

For $39.90 for 2 pax set, you get a plate of meat and a plate of vegetable items. Portion isn't that big so it's kinda expensive. The meat is well marinated and comes with 3 diff sauce for you to dip in. The charcoal BBQ gives the meat a nice flavor too. Or you can also buy ala carte items. What's really nice is the ambience.

The premium meat platter pictured here consists of pork belly, pork collar, chicken thigh, squid, and prawn. The marinade is excellent, with plenty of lemongrass to give it a light finish. The exotic sauces also lends a different flavour to the grilled meat, so make sure to try them! The platter also comes with ladyfinger, shiitake mushroom, enoki mushroom and corn. Priced at $39.90. Get the lemonade ($3.90) which is homemade, quite unlike the normal lemonade outside but it's super refreshing! The grill is quite small so it will take some time to eat. My only gripe would be the low tables which makes it quite hard to eat.

Barbeque is by old-fashioned clay stoves from Vietnam which is slowly diminishing over time. Here, the meat is marinated in a range of homemade Vietnamese sauces.

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Lang Nuong is the first BBQ restaurant of its kind, offering a Vietnamese BBQ experience that emulates the buzz of bustling Vietnamese streets. Enjoy grilling meat and seafood marinated in delicious homemade sauces above a flaming charcoal fire, and dip them into more sauces imported straight from Vietnam. Get the Premium Mixed Platter ($39.90/$69.90) that includes a combination of pork, chicken, seafood and mushrooms, or the Exclusive Seafood Platter ($79.90) with crayfish, tiger prawns, scallops and mussels. They also offer Vietnamese Hotpot ($15.90/$35.90) perfect for rainy days. Located along Foch Road, Lang Nuong is a great dining option for small groups.

The platter comes with pork belly, pork collar and chicken thigh slices in a sweet, savoury marinade. There are also some prawns, squid rings and veggies, but the highlight is definitely the marinated meat selection! Visit their Facebook page to find out how you can get 10% off your total bill till May 18.

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Good old charcoal BBQ. Very good marinated meat, not too overpowering. The sauces are great too. Still trying to figure out what is in this green sauce. #burpple #vietnamesebbq #foodporn #foodphotography #foodie

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