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Le Coq

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Modern French and Japanese Fusion Bistro! Affordable Food and cheapest drinks in Telok Ayer!


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We ordered roasted chicken, steaks&mash and 2 iberico pork dishes using Burpple 1-for-1. The set is very value for money at $14.90 to $18.90 per set. The serving size is huge (unlike some other deals on burpple where some restaurants actually have a separate menu for such deals). The meat were tender and flavorful. Definitely a place to come back to.

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🍗 Roast Chix - meat was tender though some parts near the bone still showing red 🙄 🍜 Salivating Chix - mala sauce was spicy (and tastier 😜) and made the quinoa on roast chix taste bland

🍽️ Quite challenging to locate the place, especially if you are not used to CBD area

💰 Overall it was a good #burpplebeyond meal

Got the spicy salmon don and swapped the carbs for shirataki noodles (spicy). Just a heads up, IT IS RLY SPICY HHAHAHAH. My friend took prolly a good 5 mins taking out the small chilli padis but if u do well w spice I guess that won’t be necessary HAHAHA. The salmon was really fresh and there were HUGE chunks of them!! Still had a few cubes left even after I had finished eating the shirataki noodles.

This place p much exceeded my expectations!! Servers were lovely and the service was really quick.

We enjoyed the Roast Chicken with Quinoa ($16.90) which was succulent, tender and skin was crisp. Served with healthier option of quinoa but pretty darn tasty so G suspected chicken broth was used as it did taste like chicken rice😛

Also got the salmon mentai Don ($16.90), pretty generous with the creamy mentaiko sauce, tobiko, salmon cubes and comes with wakame (will probably ask for less rice next time). For those working in the CBD, @lecoqsg is a great place to dine at for a reasonably priced lunch/ dinner and even more so if you have #BurppleBeyond!

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A place we will revisit - the mains menu looked super appealing and we loved both dishes, but somehow the Salmon Mentai Pasta portion was so little it’s such a pity! Nonetheless worth it with Burpple Beyond :)

Oddly enough, despite Le Coq being an unabashed & proud purveyor of meaty cocks, the skewer that impressed us the most was their wagyu beef one ($6.80++ a stick).

Despite being seasoned with nothing but sea salt, pepper and basted with butter, these beef sticks were absolutely ambrosial. The meat was fantastically fatty, juicy and tremendously tender. The smokiness from the charcoal was pleasantly perfumed each bite, and scintillatingly savoury. Every single bite was a brilliantly beefy bite, and it’s all over far, far too soon.

I’m, for one, am eternally glad that Le Coq seriously beefed up their menu with these stellar skewers of wagyu beef.