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I love their wide variety of CCF here. The skin was smooth and thin. I think abit chewy as compared to the other ones i had. The sauce had the sesame fragrance. Their mains was also quite good as well but portion might be abit small. So it is just nice to add on a plate of CCF for sharing.

Very popular place for lunch. The Dan Dan noodles come with chickpeas which isn’t exactly to my liking. Otherwise the noodles and the meat sauce tasted great.

Another must order item is their fried intestine stuffed with leek.

Bun is soft & fluffy, served warm; pork belly slices are quite lean & well-braised to tender with no gamey taste; came with crushed peanuts & fresh coriander..

Big bowl of the usual mee sua; large intestines are well-braised to soft with no gamey taste; oysters are large, fresh & plump..

Guan Miao noodle is firm & chewy; soup is palatable with mild herb taste & not gamey; came with generous portion of beef shank which are thick & well-braised to tender; with fresh crunchy veggies on the noodle & preserved veggies (sweet version) served at the side..

I have been to @theshelterroot before for their quality coffee, and I'm glad that I've tried their gelato this time as well!

The Ocean Grey ($6.50) may look gimmicky to some, but if you like your earl grey, this is a flavour you should get. The earl grey flavour is strong yet not overboard, and it doesn't have this strong artificial floral scent. The milk base of the gelato is also good, giving a good richness to the earl grey flavour.

The Matcha ($.5.50) was really strong, almost too strong in my opinion. It can get quite bitter towards the end, but as a matcha lover, this is definitely not a problem to me! We were surprised to find little mochi bits within the gelato which added great texture to the ice cream!

For both gelato flavours they gave a generous scoop as well. Definitely recommend if you are around the area 😍

House made spaghetti with crab. The pasta is Al dente, the sauce was light and crab meat was sweet. Overall a pretty good choice of main.

Restaurant is smaller than I expected. Service was polite.

Super succulent and moist, the Roast Irish Duck ($22/ Quarter) was another hit. A tad fatty and heavy but the glistening skin had that lovely crackling crispiness. One to share among 3 to 4 people, the protein was really well-executed. Would go great with a steaming bowl of rice.

In the mood for fancy hor fun, The Dragon Chamber’s Wagyu Truffle Beef Hor Fun ($32) ticked all the right boxes for me. Doused in a copious amount of rich truffle gravy; the slurpy noodles were so moreish. The wok fried flat noodles, crispy deep-fried hor fun strips, silky poached egg and slices of premium US Wagyu short rib came together nicely offering a myriad of fun textures. Though the sauce could definitely be more earthy and “truffle-y”, the hot savoury mix was flavourful without being cloying. The beef was tender too and seasoned well.

Signature Kueh Dadar $2.20
Lemper Ebi $2.50