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I loved the warmth you get when the service crew at a restaurant is friendly and helpful, but I’d still shy away if the food fails to impress. It is a great thing that Yakizen is on Burpplebeyond, otherwise the mains might be slight pricey for the portion. My alacarte order of a set of 6 Japanese skewers was also decent but forgettable.
Don’t get me wrong, the food was no where near bad but faces tough competition with some many options around.

This is one that I always wanted to try but as they usually closed by 4pm in the afternoon, no chance to drop by until now.
Heartwarming bowl of Pao Fan that the broth is rich yet not overpowering. So comforting that I can just keep drinking it. Ordered the Fresh Prawn Pao Fan that comes with 3 huge fresh prawns. For an extra indulgence, I have added some extra fish slices.
Location: Chao Ting 潮亭 Teochew Pao Fan (Far East Square), 132 Amoy St, Far East Square, Singapore 049961

It was the first time that I tried a duck foie gras. At first glance, this S$26.00 dish looked like two slices of cake that also came with sugar-glazed onions and four pieces of baguette toast. As much as innards might not be my preferred diet, this experience was very satisfying because the foie gras tasted really creamy and gentle after being spread evenly on the baguette. The caramelised onions might be helpful to neutralise the taste a bit, but to be honest it was kind of optional to garnish.

Fret not if you would think that the Homemade Duck Foie Gras Terrine came in huge portions, as it could serve at least two persons, with the baguette available as eat-all-you-want. Just be mindful that you would likely have a main course waiting for you after this.

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Available from Monday to Thursday, 5.00pm to 7.00pm, L’Entrecôte offered Fine de Claire Oysters at only S$2.95 per piece (U.P.: S$5.00). With limited stock daily, these oysters were freshly-shucked upon order and tasted really sweet, which was a beautiful contrast from the salt-water that remained on the shell.

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mulberry kombucha
10% sugar with grape kanten pearls
very mild kombucha , wished it was stronger but it still tasted great !
faint grape taste for the pearls , tastes more like normal white pearls because it got overpowered by the drink itself .

This dish doesn't disappoint and is so pleasing to the eyes. The portion size is good too. Definitely a must order!

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we ordered boneless Yang Nyum Chicken, Fried Chicken and Seafood pancake.
Yang Nyum chicken, very juicy inside and outside glazed with sweet spicy sauce. Really addictive 😋.
Meanwhile the fried chicken inside juicy and outside crisp.
The Seafood pancake is not Oily and thicker than usual I eat, with generous seafood.
Definitely good place for gathering over Korean chicken and soju.
💰$21.8, Yang Nyum (half).
💰$18.8 , Fried Chicken (half).
💰 $23.8, Seafood pancake.

📍O chicken&Beer.
52 Boat Quay.

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Amazing, we had 3 plates of this cause it was so delicious!

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A friend brought us to this Thai joint that serves a mean Steelpot Vermicelli. High recommended to add more vermicelli! 👍🏼

Both King Prawn and La La dishes were great, and Moo Ping for a great accompaniment! 😄

Highly recommended! 🧐

Stumbled upon this gem that serves a really good King Prawn Vermicelli! Definitely the best I’ve had in SG, only second to the one I had in Bangkok 👍🏻

Their Moo Ping is also really good! We ordered 3 plates of it. 💯

Highly recommended and will come back!

Milk base gelato with housemade blueberry jam, chocolate ganache and salted cookie crumble. Pair it with crisp croissant, shiok 😋.

To place an order can visit this link https://www.dopadopacreamery.com, and enjoy free delivery for order above $65.

📍Dopa dopa Creamery.
29 South Bridge Road, #01-01.

charcoal bun was not it fam. not v fluffy buttery or good. mushroom was huge and juicy though. wedges were good