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Had a lovely lunch here with tapas and cava! Trying cava for the first time and enjoyed the Iron Flute. Their pork belly is amazing too:) Service was great and the view even better!

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Lunch at raffles on a weekend. Pretty gd noodle texture n when mixed w the chilli gives a gd kick! $8.50 for pan mee isnt exactly cheap though.

The minced pork was of superb quality. It's intensely marinated and has a good balance of sweet and salty. It also had a good bite. Noodles were on the softer side which I didn't mind. Egg was perfect

Their chili packed quite a lot of heat and it's really lipsmacking. It's hard to describe what makes it so good but ofc there's umami and spice but neither seem to be the key.

Soup is nice and light, they also have the tough veggie that's very characteristic of such a chili pan mee place. The leaves aren't good on its own but it adds a nice aroma to the broth

Overall very addictive and portion is slightly small so you will finish quickly and allow the people queueing to come in lol(surprisingly the queue is actl ok at 1230pm, just 5 ppl in front of us)

Tara Thai is a contemporary Thai restaurant that offers bold and reimagined Thai classics, courtesy of Chef Darwin and native Thai chef Rit. For an unforgettable dining experience, opt for their 3 Course Set Menu which comes with dishes such as the Spanish Mackerel Ceviche, Iberiro Pork Pad Kra Pao, and the Spiny Lobster Thai Vermicelli. If you’ve got a big appetite, you could even go for the 5 Course!

A bold fusion dessert I’d say! Compared to the traditional creme brulee made of custard, this is relatively less sweet and more fragrant. Non fans of pandan wouldn’t quite appreciate this tho! In terms of texture, this was executed perfect - smooth, creamy texture, nicely paired with cracked, caramelised burnt sugar layer. Nothing close to the “wow” effect as the sticky date & longan pudding achieved but a good choice if you don’t have enough stomach space for a heavy dessert!

My preferred choice over chairman’s bubur char char! Think - dense, intense sticky date cake drizzled with Gula Melaka, topped with walnuts and with a dollop of vanilla ice cream - it’s rich and extremely decadent! As with all dishes - this dessert was adorned with gogi berries - which I thought was absolutely unnecessary. I don’t and can’t appreciate gogi - I dug it out and put it aside. Objectively speaking, gogi lovers would probably appreciate the fusion.

Empress’ modern take of the humble barber char char, accompanied with a slightly fancier name to the dessert - this isn’t just any other burburcharchar but one that’s fitting of a Chairman! The husband loved this dessert very much and he wouldn’t stop raving about it. (He too, wouldn’t stop expressing his regrettable short-lived experience savouring his dessert - we started lunch late and the restaurant closes at 3pm! He was left with 15mins, which he deemed ‘too short’, to enjoy his dessert)

Instead of the typical soup-y coconut base, Empress served the coconut in finely shaved ice, somewhat similar to bingo. That melt-in-the-mouth smoothness won the heart of my husband. Dish was also served with yam balls, freshly cut fruits - mango, banana, pomegranate and a dollop of coconut ice cream sitting on a layer of black glutinous rice paste!

One for the Thai milk tea fans, the pudding ($6.80) was fairly intense - capturing the earthy milky sweetness of the concoction magnificently in a solid form. Soft and wobbly, the texture of the fragrant pudding was not overly gelatinous; it cuts easy and simply slides down the throat.

The Red Ruby in Coconut milk ($8.50) proved to be a great aromatic after-meal treat. The creamy chilled coconut milk was enriched with a nice dose of syrup and came together harmoniously with the vibrant floral sweetness from the shredded jackfruit. However, their rendition of the red ruby which had a good crunch was lacking its distinctive chewy gel-like texture.

Seen on almost every table, the UYKD Crispy Pork Belly with Special Dipping Sauce ($17) was a delight. Not greasy at all, the skin of the belly felt rather airy and had a very satisfying biscuit-like crunch. The balanced ratio of pork meat to fat also made it tender without being jelat.

Their rendition of the classic Phad Thai ($17.50) was spot on. The unassuming plate was not too moist and was wonderfully sweet and savoury. Well-seasoned, the noodles were not clumpy either and held the flavours superbly. The fried prawns were plump and fresh-tasting as well.

A pity that the two dishes I was most looking forward to trying at Un-Yang-Kor-Dai was unavailable during the day of my visit - the Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango and their PenLaos Signature Grilled Chicken. However, the dishes that I ordered certainly exceeded my expectations.

The first to arrive on our table, the Red Curry with Grilled Chicken, Lychee, Tomato, and Sweet Basil ($18.50) was super lemak. Noting that we requested for less spicy, the sweet-savoury spiced curry was very lip-smacking and great with a bowl of rice. The fruits (bits of mango, pineapple, lychee, and grapes) were refreshing and perfect additions to help counter the tickle of heat. The chunks of chicken were succulent too.