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Western and European loves

Western and European loves

Cause these two aren't always distinct. From the affordable to the mindblowingly expensive shizzam, here's a sum of the yummies I've tried.
Nobelle Liew
Nobelle Liew

I never ever eeeeever thought one could make red meat taste like the most tender sous vide-like chicken breast but boy Le Bistrot Du Sommelier proved me wrong with this. Stewed with some stock, rosemary sprigs, over a bed of fragrant tasty peas, each slice of lamb was cooked perfectly. Juicy, moist, tender, tearing with the slightest tug of my fork...honestly I’m quite lost for words you have to try it to get what I mean.


Thank goodness it didn’t disappoint. Sweet, bouncy chunks of crab, held together by a creamy base with perfectly riped avocado slices for that bit of balance. While I can’t say it’s the most impressive of dishes, the simplicity of it all was comforting. Nothing fancy, but something you’d gobble up nonetheless. Thumbs up for the generous portions and honestly good sourdough — if you’re into creamy mayo-y schmeary noms then this is definitely a dish worth trying. Though I have to say the baby radishes were a little abrupt and out of place 😳


Stumbled into TBB's latest kouign amann creation a few days back, and man I couldn't resist it. I mean, their signature laminated dough, layered with lotsa fragrant, savoury garlic and spices? What sorcery is this! Tastes so damn good I'm wondering if I'd favour this over the original caramel-y one (nope who am I kidding).


Ok I'm super slow I geddit, but at least I've finally hopped on the bandwagon. Checked out this once (is it still?) mega hyped about store, and gotta wonder why it took me so long. For one, I love the light batter on the fish that's thin, crunchy, and doesn't leave that greasy, floury aftertaste. Fish is fresh, flaky, moist and buttery as well, so they've got their basics down pat at least. And what I especially liked about their hipster sauces what that they actually tasted pretty genuine: salted egg's like the tze char kinda salted egg pork sauce that I adore, and the chili crab's neither too sweet nor starchy. Can't say I'll always have my fish with these sauces, but they definitely aren't shabby at all!


Newer dishes be damned, I only have that much tummy space and there's no way I'm leaving without getting this Crispy Soft Shell Crab. Those who love this crustacean would enjoy Kilo's rendition: meaty soft shell crabs — not just all shells I promise — coated in a light batter, then fried to a deep golden perfection. Pair that with an aromatic Thai curry gravy (smells fantastically of our local laksa spices), balanced with cubes of fresh, sweet compressed 🍉...ahhhh ❤️


Crab on toast: humita, pickled turnips, chopped coriander. A simple started with hell lot of flavours. Sweet and fresh chunks of crab, creamy humita, and slices of well-toasted homemade bread — all these add up to a refreshing and light starter. Absolutely stunning flavours packed into such a small bite.


Just imagine: a loaf of crusty homemade bread, soaking and simmering in a rich prawn broth, till it absorbs all the flavours and breaks down into this mushy, moist 'porridge'. May sound a tad exotic, but trust me, with that silky yolk mixed in, it's the most comforting ang moh breakfast ever.


I've had my fair share of octopus, but never anything like the one at BOCA. In order to not overcook it, BOCA sous-vides their massive octopus leg before finishing it on the grill. What results is a soft and most definitely tender dish — delicious no doubt, though I do miss that bit of bite that comes with simply grilling it. Flavour-wise though, spot on. Even the accompanying sides were good. Spinach and onions were sooooooo good.


The best bread I've had so far. THE. BEST. BREAD. There may be a lot of better known dishes at BOCA like their pasteis and café steak, but this severely underrated Sweet Potato Bread was my fave over lunch today. Soft, fluffy, slightly chewy, simply slathered with garlic butter and lightly toasted before serving. Finished the whole basket myself — #guiltybutnotguilty.

Anyone up for some badass BBQ later? Not kidding when I say these roasted chicken and pork belly are worth the (short) hike. The chicken was lean and moist, with a mild herby flavour from the Kai Yang marinade, and a lovely smokiness. If I ever went on an eating clean rampage, this would form the bulk of my diet (don't go ruining my hopes that this is fairly healthy). The pork belly, on the other hand, was the epitome of sinful decadence: super flavourful, with enough melt-in-your-mouth fat to please the hardest of siu yok fans, and a fantastic crackling to top it off.


Like this Fish & Chips: two huge slices of fish at a fantastically reasonable price of S$14. Firm, fresh sea bream, still moist and juicy, enveloped in a crisp and light batter, served with a side of well-seasoned paprika fries. And let's not forget the mind-blowing capers aioli that boasted an explosion of flavours. Can't say imma fish & chips pro, but among those I've tried of late, this steals the crown.


Thick, juicy coin-medallions of octopus, sprinkled with a dash of paprika, served with sweet green pea purée, and tangy mussel escabeche. It seems so simple, yet the complex flavours and techniques make this a starter so deeply satisfying.

BoCHINche will be closed end this month (last day being the 29th I think), while they prep for their new space at Amoy St. So if you're planning a visit, make it quick!


Spending all my time eating (and eating) cause what else is there to do in small 🌞🌞 Singapore?

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