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Karl Ng
Karl Ng

The flavor of the matcha is complemented by the double French caramel that was used to stack the spot-on textured profiteroles. The base of the profiteroles are filled with vanilla mascarpone cream. Technically very accomplished, it was a dessert well done!

It consists of the all time favorites from Portico's staffs, chefs and diners.

1) Starter of chilled truffle-scented angel hair, Crostini of Asian-cured salmon gravlax, a skewer of tiger prawn

2) A 4 tier rack of petit sweet and savoury bites

3) Freshly baked California natural raisins and citrus peel scones, served together with homemade honey kaya sauce, homemade seasonal preserves and clotted cream

4) A choice of free flow of Twinings Tea or Dutch Colony coffee.

This beautiful high tea set is pretty good in taste and value for money! It will be launched on 15th March 2016 from 3pm to 5pm daily (Closed on Mon) at SGD 48+ per pax. There is only 30 sets available each day, so reservation is strongly advised. Follow @porticosg on instagram now to enjoy a promotional launch price at SGD 38+ per pax from 15th March til 14th April.

Thank you @porticosg so much for the preview of the new high tea set and @hungryamanda for the invitation!

Their croissant was huge and flaky, with smooth and buttery salted egg filling oozing out when we cut it. It had a distinctive taste of the salted egg but it is tad too salty for us and we stopped eating after 2 bites. Still prefer the one from @antoinette_sg !

It consists of


1)Eclair of Singapore-style chilli crab meat

2)Fish "Otak Otak" Toast

3)Squid and salted egg croquette


1) Marsala Chai tea cake, honey ginger cream, orange confit

2) Homemade carrot cake, maple cream cheese frosting, toasted walnuts

3) Mini deconstructed blackforest
4) Chilled cheesecake, mango gel, mini passionfruit spheres

5) Baked apple crumble tart, sweet basil cream

6) Bandung rose cream, strawberry and lychee tart

7) Pistachio nut, cranberry and white chocolate bark

8) Homemade peanut butter and confetti cookies.

Like harvesting their herbs and spices from their small shopfront garden to use for their dishes, Portico harvest the past feedback from their customers, staff and chefs on their top favorite food and present these wonderful 'blast from the past' taster snacks. These creations are absolutely delish and well done. I like their creations as every element of the dishes are well made and carefully thought out. My love goes to the 3 savories and the deconstructed Black Forest cake as the flavors are well balanced enabling each ingredients to shine through.

It will be available today onwards from 3pm to 5pm daily (Closed on Mon) at SGD 48+ per pax. There is only 30 sets available each day, so reservation is strongly advised. Follow @porticosg on instagram now to enjoy a promotional launch price at SGD 38+ per pax from 15th March til 14th April.

Black Forest Reindeer Cake (SGD $12.90) from @nonentreedesserts here to captivate our hearts during this Christmas season!

It's doesn't matter because it's brandy cake/ fruit cake/ Christmas cake reinvented, in a good natural way. The sweetness of the cake comes from the natural goodness of the fruits in it (think currants, cranberries, apricots etc), heightening the textures and flavors of the warm moist cake.

The first mouth of oral pleasure consists of the distinctive brandy (yet not overpowering). The aroma, mellow fragrance and smoothness of the Brandy flavors and aromas are all the immediate signposts of a old brandy (which is confirmed by the bakers that it is 30yo aged Brandy). The Rum Chantilly cream, the pecan nuts and the vanilla sauce are all gentle and smooth in taste and texture, providing extra dimensions to this well-executed and well-balanced dessert. Epicurean. Another triumph for Mad About Sucre!


Mainly combining chocolate, seasonal fruit sorbert, lemon marshmallow and edible flowers, on a bed of matcha soil. Just looking at it already brighten my day.


My favorite goes to the Dark Cherry Tiramisu that is extremely moist and soft with alcohol soaked finger biscuits. I can taste the distinctive cherry taste that adds a sweet refreshing flavour yet retaining all the characteristic of a tiramisu cake. One of the best tiramisu I had.


Adapted from 'she's like the wind', this is my only way to describe the smoothness and lightness of the marvelous Vent de Fleur.


It started off with a base of digestive biscuits, followed by a layer of dark chocolate and a sweet fluffy marshmallow torched to golden perfection, with caramelized banana at the side. Would prefer the chocolate to be a little more bitter with a high level of cocoa since the dessert name is "Bitter Chocolate", however it is still not overly sweet kind of chocolate. Overall it was still a well executed dessert with layers upon layers of decadence.


It is a very traditional pairing of matcha and black sesame that came beautifully together, with a hint of orange citrus that heighten the flavours in the mouth. Personally I love matcha and black sesame, so marrying them together with a twist of citrus taste is definitely a pleasure for me to enjoy!


Warm chocolate sauce was drizzled over the piled profiteroles, lastly topped with chestnuts and grated chocolate. The golden brown choux pastry had a good balance of pastry to cream but it will be perfect if the chestnut cream could be more stronger in taste. Still, the profiteroles here were a satisfying dessert after a great dinner.


Karl Ng

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