Places To Satisfy That Pasta Craving

Places To Satisfy That Pasta Craving

Featuring Yellow Brick Road, Alexis Bistro (The Gardens Mall), Flingstones Cafe, Real Food (Mont Kiara)
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Here I go again with my "aglio olio" trend. Tried the Char-Siew chicken pasta at YBR since Balik Kampung was out. (The waiter joked that the kitchen was still trying to catch the chicken)
Ended up with one of their best sellers. But it didn't impress me much. Big portion nevertheless. I just wished there's more chicken and the pasta was less oily. It could be more chewy/al dente too. It was just slightly mushy for me that day. Still, it was flavoured very nicely with the right heat!
Plus points for being sited in front of the coffee bar to eye on cute baristas. YBR have cute baristas. For real. 😳

Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 23)

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Today I have the seafood spaghetti with tomato base. Seafood was a range of tiger prawns, calamaris, and clams.
Disliked the clams because of their inners but tiger prawns were very fresh.
Love eating at Alexis not only because of those delicious cakes on the counter but also their clean and delicious menu.

Non halal cafe. Delicious menu overall with porky bacon and sausages for their all day breakfast menu, to pastas and sandwiches that looks very appetising.
I went with their famous "chu yao char" aglio olio. Supposedly served with angel hair pasta but I opted for the fatter brother named spaghetti. Basically an aglio olio with deep fried pork lard that are usually found in Pork noodles or hokkien noodles.
Really delicious in my opinion. Generous Pork lard that you will never have first worlds problem of having too little, big portion of pasta noodles for a really filling lunch. However, it is slightly too oily for me. Thank God for a few sprigs of rockets to cleanse the palate and some table water.
Food: 8/10 Price: 8/10 (RM 18 - this is darn worth it for such a filling and delicious portion)

Coffee is served with soy!
Organic mushroom aglio olio pasta with a dash of chilly. (Option to omit chilly if you don't like spicy)

Very minimal oil used proven when presented with a humble shine. Nicely al dente pasta with good portion for a very satisfying lunch. And also delicious mushroom medley stir fried nicely with the right earthy taste.
Food: 8/10 Price: 5/10 (RM 22 - Yes because it's organic it's overly charged. Only criticism is the price for food here)

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