Affordable Foodies

Affordable Foodies

Featuring Joo Bar, Tong Ah Eating House, Truly Test Kitchen, LE Cafe Confectionary & Pastry (Mackenzie Road), 136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat (Clementi), Ah Bong's Italian (Tiong Bahru), No Name Hainanese Curry Rice (Beo Crescent), Tomyum Mama, Seah Im Food Centre, Thai Gold Food (Sunshine Plaza)
Adelene Teo
Adelene Teo

Love every single bite of this dish! Potatoes and chicken are well-cooked & rich in flavor, with the sous vide egg adding extra texture to the whole dish 😋 the only downside is the raw cherry tomatoes (which I don't like to eat!). If you are like me, turns out you can switch them with edamame 😉 generous portion, affordable price, what's not to like? The owner was very friendly too.

At $5, the amount of ingredients given here could be overly crazy (but I like). You can have my words when I say one can easily find over 10 ingredients in their Signature bowl ($5/$8) - expect surf to turf varieties from prawns, quail egg, fried meatball, boiled meatball, sliced abalone, sliced pork, minced pork, pork liver, fish maw, fish dumpling, mushrooms & lard.
Ask for extra Chili if you're a spice enthusiast, the one here packs a punch & is bound to give you more than an extra kick. My Singaporean dictionary can't find a better word other than shiok? Tell me about it.
Their Braised Pork ($4) cooked based on a recipe that has passed down from his granny also deserves a special mention. A timeless classic that was succulently tender & fragrant after soaking up all the sweet & savoury elements from the sauce, for which each mouth gives a true taste of home-cooked food blast from the past. Other items on their humble menu includes Fish Maw Bee Hoon ($4/$6), Minced Pork Noodles ($3/$5) & Handmade Fishballs ($3).
Thanks @damien_tc for the extended invite, as well as @eunicestagrams & @awssignature for the lovely hospitality!
📍Aw's Signature Minced Pork Noodles
1A Commonwealth Drive,
Tanglin Halt Food Centre, #01-08, S(141001)
Mon-Fri: 7.30am-2pm, 5.00pm-8pm
Sat: 7.30am-3pm (Closed on Sundays)

Signature Claypot Tomyum Mama ($12.90 NETT) - loved the spicey-ness of the broth with Mama Maggie Mee that was of the right amount of heat for me (customisable amount of spiciness and sourness). Came with clams, prawns, yummy meatballs, sotong and (small amount) crab meat!
The person said this Pot was good for 2 but I could definitely finish one all by myself! Will be back for this again 🤗

I got the Cheese Karage Pasta ($6.90), which came with ice lemon tea.
The pasta was more flavourful than I expected, with lots of chilli padi adding an edge to every mouthful.
The cheese on top of of the karage tasted a little artificial though! The karage had a tad too little meat as well.
For the price, I would say its worth a visit! Note that they have special add ons which are worth getting. ($3 for mushroom soup, a canned drink & a scoop of ice-cream from Salted Caramel)

This unassuming ground level joint opposite Bugis Junction is designed for quick meals. At lunch hour, be sure to swing by early to snag a seat, or be prepared to wait. Surprisingly, its name has nothing to do with the famous Blanco Court Food Centre. Instead, the owner explains having "Blanco" in the shopname is meant to capture what North Bridge Road used to be — a place with excellent local dishes. Have the Beef Noodles (from $5) either in soup or dry, of which we're partial towards the aromatic gravy in the dry version that coats every strand of noodle. This also goes very well with a side of Fried Enokitake Mushroom ($5.50) that you must dunk into the gravy. Aside from the beef noodles, try the Mixed Beef Porridge ($5) that is cooked with strips of beancurd skin, or the comforting Curry Chicken ($5) that boasts a massive chicken leg. Get a side of French loaf ($1.50) to mop up the curry! Burppler Amelia PW says the chicken was "so tender that it was practically falling off the bones as I picked at it gently with my chopsticks". Pro tip: There's no MSG, pork or lard used. Also, don't neglect their homemade chili sauce that provides a solid spicy kick!
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo

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We are all living in such a high-paced society that makes us neglect all the simple things in life. From time to time, we should take a well-deserved break, drink some kopi, eat some kaya toast and just watch the day goes by. One such place that I will recommend to go for a traditional Singapore breakfast is the iconic Tong Ah Eating House.
Till today, they have preserved the art of making good coffee using the sock and stick with the practice of scrapping off burnt bits from their crispy thin toast using the sharp edges of the condensed milk tin can cover, a method which dates back decades ago. No need for fanciful cafe food which will easily set you back more than $20, a set of crispy thin toast or French toast with homemade kaya and butter, soft boiled eggs mixed with dark soya sauce and pepper, and a cup of kopi will get more bang for your buck. As they say old is gold, I truly believe Tong Ah has reached legendary status in my books. #bestfoodmemory2015

Another hidden gem in a hawker centre: special tonkotsu ramen! Totally in love with the grilled char siew that are so tender and sufficiently fatty and the egg was so flavourful I already dreamt of having another one soon

This no-frills restaurant next to Merely Ice Cream serves pocket-friendly Thai food, making it a hit amongst the students in the vicinity. Come with friends and order the Basil Pork Rice ($6), topped with a sunny side up egg, and a Tom Yum Goong ($10) to share. If it's available, have the Mango Sticky Rice ($5) before washing it all down with a cup of Thai Milk Tea ($1.50).

The rice is drenched with ladles of curries, braised black sauce and gravy from the boiled cabbage which is definitely good enough to eat on its own. Enjoyed the fried pork the most that is so crispy yet not oily, together with cabbage and a fried egg with a few drops of dark soy sauce. This plate of curry rice is practically overflowing and is one of the cheapest way for you to fill your tummy.

Thought we were early when we came here, but the char siew was already sold out by the time it was our turn (whatever happens, resist the temptation of ordering the not-so-impressive sio bak; we all know the effects of waiting too long in line all too well).
A bummer to have missed the other highlight here, but we were still rewarded with lip-smacking soy sauce poached chicken and moreish dumplings with the super QQ noodles! ❤️ Absolutely worth the wait and not sleeping in on a weekend (and that says A LOT).

Yesterday's lunch was the personalised Bibimbap from Joo Bar because I had been thinking of eating it again for goodness knows how long! On this visit, I created mine with purple rice adorned with tender chunks of spicy chicken, minced kimchi, Korean beansprouts, sweet corn and a soy dressing which was served on the side. Still can't believe this huge portion (which comes in a massive heavy iron bowl that keeps the food warm for longer) only cost me $10.90++! 😄😄

Ah Bong's Italian is a gem for those who constantly crave affordable yet delicious pasta (I'm one of 'em!)


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