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The Bowl Stack

The Bowl Stack

A compilation of (trending) one-dish meals that have all sorts of tasty things mixed and matched together. Some with carbs, some without.
Veronica Phua
Veronica Phua

It’s amazing how dining establishments at all price points have jumped into action to promptly put in place the Singapore government’s guidelines to help keep those of us who choose to dine out in this unprecedentedly challenging time, safe.

Like when we visited @salmonsamurai a couple of days ago for lunch, there were clear markings everywhere to instruct customers where to stand and sit. The four of us had arrived late, around 2pm, so we got a table immediately. Each of us filled up a form, mixing and matching to create our own salmon bowls. While TH, my niece and her friend chose bases of Yuzu Ume Rice and Udon topped with their preferred preparation style of salmon, I zeroed in on the “Seared Mala Mentaiko Salmon with Chilled Citrus Ramen” ($9.90) and added an extra protein topping of “Seared Mentaiko Salmon” ($6.50). Loved it! The slices of salmon tasted fresh but it was the two mentaiko toppings that were the icing on the cake for me, the mala flavoured one especially 😋😋. It was a match made in heaven with the cold, springy and refreshingly fragrant strands of ramen.

Of course if you wish to enjoy their salmon bowls at home or anywhere else for that matter, you can order them to takeaway or to be delivered (they have an ongoing promotion for FREE islandwide delivery if you spend $50 and above). Just visit their website:


His first cafe - “The Hangar” on Arab Street may not exist any more but the exuberant and very tasty flavours that I had loved about the food @pavskiiii served there, can now be found at @burnclubst, his brand new casual cafe-restaurant alongside Ufit on Club Street. That was where I suggested to my friend @aikbengchia we go for our lunch, which he readily agreed.
I ordered a few dishes for us to share, and this was one of them. If you have ever dined at #TheHangarSg, you might recognise it. Renamed most aptly as “Roasted Pork Noodles” ($17), it showcases slow-roasted, handpulled pieces of meat which are a major head-turner in tenderness and flavour. They meet their match in the eggless kolo noodles tossed in a fierce chilli oil dressing. A poached egg and sautéed mushroom salad join them in the big bowl. Strewn across the top as a finishing touch are fresh parsley, spring onions and mint. So shiok!
Honestly, I am thrilled I get to savour this dish again.


Inspired by “The Flat Iron’ in London”, @TheFeatherBlade is an “alternative steakhouse” launched in Singapore earlier in May that is very shrewd about their offering and who they are targeting. Essentially they want to be top-of-mind when people think about where to go for #propersteaks at pocket-friendly prices.

This explains their concise menu which is focused on a 200gm piece of steak priced very attractively at $21. Naturally at this price, the Australian beef is not a prime cut but the meat which comes from the shoulder area, is lean and flavourful. And because they pay close attention to how it is cooked, results in a decent level of juicy tenderness.

The other way to enjoy the steak it is to order their off-the-menu Burger. Also priced at $21, the beef is minced and formed into a patty that is grilled, then placed between super-soft brioche buns and dressed in a truckload of house-made bearnaise sauce plus fried onions. I enjoyed this the most from all that I tried at the hosted lunch.

As for the side dishes, there are four, priced at $7 each. They are a Caesar Salad (it has a whole crispy nacho chip-coated soft-yolk egg!), sautéed shimeji, shiitake and button mushrooms, hand-smashed potatoes deepfried in beef fat and spinach in parmigiano-reggiano cream with a pinch of nutmeg.

If you like a sauce with your steak, there are four as well to pick from: Szechuan peppercorn (I liked this a lot), bearnaise, horseradish cream and red wine jus ($2).

The newly-launched Gyudon is very good value for money at $14. Besides the 100gms of sliced steak, you also get very tastily-seasoned Japanese rice, an onsen egg, soft-cooked onions, garlic chips and pickles. And if you are a fan of foie gras or Hokkaido scallops, there is the option to add them on for another $11 per item.

Only one dessert, an ice-cream sundae, is listed in the menu but it did a great job in satisfying. I found plenty of happiness in the Madagascan vanilla ice-cream with Valhorna dark hazelnut chocolate sauce, salted caramel and crunchy flakes of feuilletine biscuit ($8).

The Feather Blade also offers special cuts and have garnered quite a following for their “Picanha Thursdays” and “USDA Prime Sando Tuesdays”. Do follow their Instagram account for updates.

Thanks Sheen for hosting us for the lunch.

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I love this modern take on the Korean bibimbap.
The hearty salad is built around a large piece of smoky bincho-grilled salmon that’s done so beautifully the flesh falls smoothly away in thick moist flakes. It is planted on a mound of flavourful hijiki seaweed rice and is surrounded on all sides by as many Korean “banchan” (assorted pickled/marinated vegetables) as Jon Snow was by White Walkers (ok, that may be an exaggeration 😆). Anyway, the bold punch of savoury-sweet “gochujang” sauce, sesame seeds and chilli guarantees this is as far from meek and mild as a salad can possibly get.
If you are in the MBS area and fancy escaping for a solo or quick lunch at the breezy and relaxed Bar & Lounge area of @spagosingapore, I think this is a pretty darn perfect choice.



Answer: You now get 3 types of Wagyu to choose from, namely Australian Wagyu MB8 ($98++), Kagoshima A4 Tenderloin ($148++) and Nagasaki A5 Striploin ($158++).
Whichever beef is chosen, it is grilled over charcoal then sliced into neat pieces that are then arranged on a bowl of Japanese rice. The other lavish toppings alongside the smoky beef are large cubes of pan-fried foie gras, uni, caviar, ikura and freshly shaved black truffle. An onsen egg and a drizzle of truffle oil add the finishing touch to this bowl of ultra decadence.


The 1-for-1 Set Meal with Burpple Beyond is excellent value for money (it costs only $59++ for 2 pax instead of $118++), and includes huge, sashimi-grade Hokkaido oysters dressed in mentaiko sauce and aged shoyu to start. This is followed by an appetiser of Torched Mentaiko Scallops before the main course of Wagyu Sukiyaki Gyu Don is served.
However, if you like a chunkier mouthfeel for meat, I suggest upgrading for a few dollars more, to one of their Signature Torched Wagyu Beef Bowls. The preparation ensures a nice char on the outside while retaining the all-important juicy tenderness within.
The Origjnal suits me very well as I love tasting the beef in all its glory of but the Mentaiko sauce-topped one is ideal for those who enjoy a rich and umami creaminess with theirs.


The finely-sliced Wagyu beef, cooked in a tasty teriyaki sauce, and those big, creamy chunks of foie gras made this rice bowl a hit with all of us.
I had actually ordered a few portions of it to share amongst my group as I had selected many other dishes as well. But more than half of them said they would return to have a whole bowl of it to themselves. I couldn’t agree more.


My first ever visit here resulted in big smiles due to two reasons.
Number one: the Gyu Don we had was really tasty. The thinly sliced beef laid on top of the rice had been sautéed with enoki mushrooms and onions in a lip-smacking sauce till nice and tender. An onsen egg, always a welcome sight, simultaneously boosted the level of attractiveness and enjoyment. Ditto the crispy golden slices of garlic.
Reason number two: As well-priced as it is at $13.90 originally, with #burpplebeyond’s 1-for-1 deal, this Gyu Don becomes ridiculously good value.
All I can say is I’m so glad this casual Japanese restaurant has two outlets in Singapore right now where you can savour this - they’re located at JEM and Bugis Junction shopping malls.
And by the way, in case you’re thinking about doing some Christmas shopping, I’d like to suggest a little visit to the NEW “Burpple Beyond Online Gift Shop”.
Everyone you care about deserves to enjoy good meals in a smarter way all year round (at over 300 merchants to be specific). Or for a 3-month period. Your choice 😊.
#shoplikeaboss #nogiftwrappingneeded

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Grain and salad bowls are always a popular choice with the CBD crowd. So naturally, Head Chef Bertram decided to come up with a few options, five in fact, to cater to different palates.
Shown above is the one with couscous. Hearty in size, this dish is bound to be more than ample for those looking for a healthy but substantial meal. In here are feta cheese, hummus, avocado, olives, pine nuts and Japanese cucumber. The dressing used to toss the couscous is a red wine shoyu dressing which is on the light side.

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A sure-win choice from the new menu at @baomakers is the Teriyaki Beef Steak Rice Bowl.
Arranged neatly over a mound of Japanese rice are tender pieces of grilled Australian striploin sliced thick enough for a very satisfying mouthfeel. I very much like that the marinade, a house blend teriyaki sauce, isn’t too sweet either.
Make sure to mix the onsen egg in with the soft rice before you dig in because that doubles up the oishii-ness in an instant.


Not that the U.S. Prime Beef isn’t tasty because it is, but there’s a tad more chewiness and obvious beefy flavour in that. At $13.90++ a bowl, it definitely qualifies as an extremely good value meal too.
If you like your beef as melt-in-the-mouth as possible, the Kiwami Wagyu Yonezawa A4 should be your pick. At $29.90++, I assure you it’s still worth paying because the serving of meat is generous and once cooked in the sweetish sukiyaki sauce, is heaped on Koshihikari rice from Japan that’s been cooked in a special two-lid style claypot.
Accompaniments to round this off to a set meal includes a miso soup, a sesame tofu, an onsen egg and the restaurant’s two signature housemade pickles.


This is an ideal bowl for those of you who love tempura and chilli crab because it has a large, crunchy battered fish fillet and a softshell crab covered in a housemade sweet, spicy and slightly tangy sauce. The base is a mix of Japanese Akitomachi and brown rice which makes for a substantial meal.


Can't cook to save my life but boy, can I eat! 😄 (I pay for all my meals unless otherwise stated)

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